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League Update

Posted on August 18, 2020 by under Hobbies.    

I know I swore off leagues for a while but I missed it so I’m actually in three different leagues this time. On Tuesdays I play in a competitive league at Nahola. The format there is different. You don’t have a set partner. You play 5-6 games each night with different partners each time and then you report your game results. They tally it all together and match everyone up for a tournament on the final night.

On Wednesday nights, I play in the women’s competitive league at Chicken N Pickle. I wasn’t going to do it because I swore off Chicken N Pickle leagues for a bit but all my girl friends were doing it and my friend Ryan’s wife Renae who I have been wanting to team up with for a long time is finally available to play so I couldn’t pass it up. I absolutely had to play this season.


Here’s a pic of me and my partner Renae in our matching CNP tie dye shirts.


These two lovely ladies are Kim and Brooke. They play as B & K.


These are the Jens — Jen R and Jen T — also known as Jen Squared.


These are Kimberly and Tiffany. They play as Tiff & Berly.


Karen and Jenny play as 501 Dinkers. Although, we talked about them possibly changing their team name to JK (for their initials Jenny and Karen or it could also stand for Just Kidding) in the future.


These are Chris and Jan. They play as ChrisJan. They’re probably the only two ladies I don’t know as well as the others in our league.

Women's Competitive

Above are our current league standings two weeks in. Renae and I play as Backhanded Compliments. We are currently in second place, behind B & K. We suffered a disappointing loss to Brooke and Kim last week. Hoping for a good night tomorrow so we can stay competitively close to the number one team.

However, I’m not really as concerned about our record. Mainly, we just want to play well and learn as much as we can so we can do really well on our final night which is the league tournament. That’s when the wins and losses really matter.

Anyway, I’m super thrilled with this league because I’m playing with women who I normally play with on a regular basis. Another league that I have is mixed competitive on Thursdays nights. I play in that league with my friend Tom Pham. We’re both Asians so our team name is Asian Invasion. That’s another fun league because it’s pretty much our Sunday morning mixed group plus two other teams.

Will keep you posted on how it goes this season. Until then, GNG.

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