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New Pickleball Stuff

Posted on August 4, 2020 by under Hobbies, Outfits.    


My friend Karen designed the cutest pickleball pendant. It’s sterling silver with five little Cubic Zirconias that are supposed to be like the pickleball holes. The pendant is supposed to be a little pickleball ball. The chain is also sterling silver and identical to one that she has. So now we can match, down to our jewelry.


Speaking of twinning… Here’s one of our newest matching tanks. We actually copied it off Lori and Tiffany who got theirs first. It’s a Selkirk Sport ladies’ tank top. Lori was the first one to get it. Tiffany liked it so she got one for herself. Karen and I both liked it so had Dave (Lori’s husband) get us ours. Now all four of us can match next time we are together!

Saturday morning was super fun. Not only did I get to sport my new gear but we also had some awesome pickleball. We have “King and Queen of Court” format at Chicken N Pickle on Saturdays. The guys have six courts that they play on and you move up to the top court as win (or you move down to the lower courts as you lose). The Saturday morning play at Chicken N Pickle is where its at for the guys. They usually have about 24 guys who play regularly so they really need their six courts. As for the ladies, there are other games that happen. One of the big ones is the play that Debbie organizes at Riverside Tennis Center. So we are lucky to get eight girls to play. We use two courts and our “Queen of Court” format is basically just a winner and loser court. The winners play winners and the losers play losers with the pairs splitting so you’re not playing with the same partner each time. It would be more fun with at least three courts but it’s still plenty fun.


Saturday was extra fun because Cody celebrated his second 21st birthday on Friday so I brought birthday donuts for everyone on Saturday morning. The guys got two boxes because there’s so many of them. I got a separate box for the ladies.

Cody is a friend I met through pickleball who I didn’t know went to Derby High School also until recently. It’s crazy that we’d never met before considering he is only a year behind me (and we are technically the same age for a few weeks). He is really nice and amazing at pickleball. He actually started playing after me but improved so quickly. He’s actually playing with 4.5 and 5.0 players now. I have no doubt he is going to be a super famous pickleball player one day. He’s already well known in our circles. Anyway, I’m posting this here as proof that I knew him when he was first starting out. LOL.


Here’s a picture of Cody with a table full of “training food” at Chicken N Pickle. He and his son Caden started working there recently. He has a regular job so this is more of a side hustle for him. After seeing all the food you get to eat, I kind of want to start working there too! Everyone knows I spend a lot of time there already anyways. LOL. Until next time. GNG.

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