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Adventures at the Women’s Fair

Posted on February 21, 2009 by under Life, Wishlist.    

Carly and her sister Jenny, at the Women’s Fair this morning… The photo below was taken while we were all waiting in line for a haircut at the Eric Fisher booth.


Brian didn’t grow breasts, but did acquire a headache. He is now taking a much-needed and much-deserved nap after running around with me this morning.


That’s Crazy Aunt Rose above. She is brilliant. She shouted out to Eric Fisher that it is Carly’s birthday today so Eric Fisher picked Carly out of the line up (she was number three in line this year) and personally performed her haircut on stage.

Happy birthday, Carly!


Of course we had to stop by The Pink Boa booth…


Bonnie and Steph had matching Pink Boa shirt and tutu outfits. I didn’t get a picture of Steph because she wasn’t there the first time I stopped by. Steph wasn’t particularly fond of the outfit because she said it was too girlie. She looked adorable in it with her hair all done up in curls, though.

Brian said one of the organizers came by and took a photo of him and Steph together as evidence that straight men do come to the Women’s Fair. I guess only the ones forced by their wives.

He did get a testosterone re-charge at the Harley-Davidson booth.


He took me over there to meet the nice people and try the Buell they had on display for size. It needs to be lowered just a tad bit more so I can touch the ground with both feet flat instead of being on tip toes. I made the comment that my feet would touch the floor fine if I were in heels, but that is a huge no-no. You never want to ride a motorcycle in heels.

Anyway, I think this is Brian’s way of hinting at a Buell. Not this year, unfortunately, because we still have the trip to the Philippines to plan for… Perhaps in a couple of years we will be able to get “his and hers” motorcycles. Time to start playing the Kansas Lottery!

Incidentally, Sunny was at The Buzz booth promoting the Kansas Lottery today. We all ended up winning stuff. We got free t-shirts and WPT baseball caps. Becca won a nice leather jacket. Cory won the best prize of all, though. He won a very nice, very official-looking WPT poker chips set. He would have been content with just that because that is what he really wanted to win, but he found out that he won the WPT octagonal table topper along with it. He was completely ecstatic!

I was ecstatic about my el cheapo $30 haircut ($20 donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization and $10 to Sara, the stylist who cut my hair) at the Eric Fisher booth. It usually costs $50 or so on average to get haircut just about anywhere in town any more these days so I was thrilled that I saved $20. Although, I realized later (while we were playing poker at Highlands, the Blue Collar poker tournament monthly invitational for the month of January was held today) that the cut was a little uneven. “What do you expect for $20?” is Brian’s only comment. I think he was cranky because we both got knocked out of the invitational tournament early (he got knocked out before I did, though) and also because he had a huge headache. He did help me fix the stray strands before he took his nap so that was nice of him. I think he mostly agreed to do it so he would not have to return to the Women’s Fair with me. It was super crowded today. I could not even get to all the booths I wanted to check out. It was almost 12:30 before we knew it and we had to quickly bail in order to eat lunch and make our poker tournament. We ended up eating at Highlands because we figured that would be the quickest and most convenient.

I’ve had a little too much Highlands this week, having had dinner there last night and then lunch today so we are going to Abuelo’s tonight for dinner. We are experiencing a bit of a slump at poker too, so Brian and I are leaning toward skipping the Blue Collar poker tournament this evening. We’ll see how the rest of the day plays out, though. We’ve said that before and ended up at Highlands at the last minute.

Anyway, I’m in charge of calling the restaurant ahead of time so they can prepare a table for our group tonight so I’ll end it here. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

P.S. My Women’s Fair “cherry” has officially been popped!

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