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Winter League Tournament

Posted on March 19, 2020 by under Hobbies.    

This is a picture of Bananas (left: Sammi and Tommy) and Bread & Butter (right: Kristina and Adam). They are the winners of the Monday night Intermediate Mixed Doubles league at Chicken N Pickle this season. Bread & Butter took first and Bananas took second. Cobra Kai (our team) unfortunately only took third despite a really great undefeated regular season. I guess you can’t win them all.


Our first match was against Carpe Dinkem. It was easy enough. However, our second match was against Bread & Butter and, even though we beat them in the regular season, Kristina and Adam both came to win and played very well.

Here’s a video of our match against Bread & Butter. What sucked about this match is it was only our second one and it sent us into the consolation/opportunity bracket (otherwise known as the losers’ bracket).

Here’s how the match against Bread & Butter ended.

The downside of the losers’ bracket is instead of playing best two out of three games to 11 points, win by 2; we then had to play only one game to 15. We had fewer games and much shorter matches.

Here are a few of the opportunity bracket matches we had as we tried to claw our way back up to the winner’s circle.

We finally defeated all of the other losers and had to battle it out with Bananas for the opportunity to duke it out with Bread & Butter one more time. This time for the championship. We had beaten Bananas before and are fully capable of beating them but they got the better of us that night and beat us 15-12.

It was a really disappointing finish to an otherwise stellar season. I badly wanted to win the tournament so that we could say we were undefeated in the regular season and also the winners of our league tournament but we just couldn’t pull it off. I must not have wanted it bad enough. We ended up finishing in third place. (Better number three than number two, I suppose.) Bananas went on to duke it out with Bread & Butter (#FoodFight – JK) and Bread & Butter came out on top to win the league tournament. They went completely undefeated that night.


In other news, the top two men’s doubles teams ended up battling it out for first place in the Competitive Men’s Doubles League on Wednesday night. Matt Conrad was out of town so his son Lakelin filled in for him. He was great too but Patrick Smith and Jamie Lynch ended up winning, which is what I predicted. I actually predicted the winner of every single match in the winner’s bracket and I only missed predicting the winner of three matches in the consolation/opportunity bracket. Needless to say, I smoked everyone in the bracket challenge. I even beat out Aaron Trost (the former league director) and Dan Leddy and they work there! LOL. The league winners each got $20 gift cards to Chicken N Pickle and my prize for winning the bracket challenge was a $50 gift card so I still felt like a winner. I would have liked to have won both (Intermediate Mixed and the bracket challenge). I knew my partner Renee and I had no chance in hell in Intermediate Women’s Doubles League so I’m not even talking about that one — LOL. It was a fun but sucky league season for me overall. I’m refraining from playing in any more leagues for the time being.

Anyway, let me leave with you three hours of amazing matches from the Competitive Men’s Doubles League. Enjoy!

Until next time. GNG.

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