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On Canceling Our Gym Membership

Posted on February 7, 2009 by under Life.    

Brian and I went to the YMCA after work tonight to cancel our gym membership since we don’t really have time to go anymore.

“I can’t believe we’re throwing in the towel,” I told him as we walked up to the door. “We’re basically giving up. You realize that, right?”

“We’re not giving up,” Brian responded. “We’re simply cutting back on unnecessary expenses until we can recover financially.”

“That’s how quitters rationalize their behavior.”


So we are officially quitters. Although, it took almost a half an hour to accomplish this. Brian and I sat at the desk and waited for someone to assist us. One of the guys was helping some other people, but there were two other guys just standing around. No one came over. Brian said that two guys looked at him and went to the back, leaving only one guy. When we was finished with the people he was helping, he looked like he was straightening up their binders at the desk.



“Are we invisible again?” Brian asked. We run into bouts of invisibility on occasion. Cars just pull out in front of us. People cut in line. That sort of thing.

I just laughed and said, “I guess.”

Then added, “I should take a picture of you and see if it comes out. It probably won’t.”

After a while, it wasn’t funny anymore. Brian and I were tired and we were both starving. We finally got the guy’s attention and he gave us a form to complete.

I had completed it, but he had left us to tend to some other stuff. I could not tell what. It looked like he was just standing there. I looked at my paper and looked at Brian and then asked, “What is he doing?”

More wait…

At first I had just marked our reason for cancellation was because we were no longer able to go, but then I was so frustrated about the whole process that I decided to mark the “dissatisfied” box as well.

I had provided feedback on the form that was direct and pretty mean-spirited. I let “Cranky Ching” get the better of me and I shouldn’t have. I hope I don’t end up with bad karma. Ugh.

P.S. Our gym membership is actually good until mid-April because they require at least 30 days cancellation notice. So our final bank draft will be on March 15.

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