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Movie Double Header

Posted on February 1, 2009 by under Family, Movies.    

Brian and I missed the opening weekend of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, a movie that we’d both been waiting for all winter, because we were wrapped up in the avalanche of expenses related to the plumbing fiasco of 2009. I think we were mourning having given up Molly and everything. I really have no idea what happened. It just skipped our minds. I didn’t realize it until my friend Jan pointed it out at work.

Anyway, Brian and I agreed that we would see it on Saturday no matter what happened. Rain or shine. In this case, whether or not I’m well enough. I was still pretty sick, but the nice weather we had yesterday helped to make me feel a little better.

So I ended up watching two movies back-to-back this weekend because I had made a date with mom to watch Revolutionary Road, the Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio reunion flick. The plan was to go over there and do laundry, and mom and I could go see our movie while Brian is doing laundry. When we return from our movie, laundry would be finished and Brian and I could go home. Isn’t Brian the best husband ever?

Anyway, Revolutionary Road was going to be at 6:15 pm so I was going to use my VIP passes purchased from work. Mom changed her mind, though, and decided on The Reader (another Kate Winslet movie) instead. The Reader had a 5:00 pm showtime so mom ended up paying for our movie because I didn’t want to use my VIP passes on matinees.

We picked up some PF Chang’s on the way home because we had three starving people (Jenni, Brian and Dad) waiting for dinner. Afterward Jenni left to go hang out with her friend Spring and daddy watched some TV, while Brian, mom and I played some mahjong.

Anyway, speaking of double headers… I may have watched two movies in one day, but I am completely in awe of Kate Winslet. She has two movies running simultaneously. Besides that, she won two Golden Globes for these two movies: Best Actress for Revolutionary Road and Best Supporting Actress for The Reader. Wow.

P.S. The award for Best Husband goes to Brian (as always). For taking care of me this weekend while I was sick (he actually brought home my favorite soup — broccoli and cheese — from Cinnamon’s Deli for lunch on Friday since I stayed home from work; I just slept most of the day), for taking me to see Rise of the Lycans, for letting me go to the movies with my mom, for doing laundry while this happened and for humoring mom and I by playing mahjong with us.

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