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Molino’s Taqueria

Posted on September 10, 2019 by under Food and Drink.    

We are so behind the times when it comes to new restaurants in town. So many have opened that we haven’t even tried it. Molino’s Taqueria is one that’s been around for some time but we haven’t gotten around to checking it out until recently.


Brian got a burrito with some chips and queso.


I had some street tacos and a side of elote. It is a taqueria after all.


My tacos were delicious but Brian was not impressed. He is a diehard Qdoba fan. He thought the burrito was good but he felt they were a little skimpy on the fillings.

As for me, I really liked the idea of making my own street tacos. I got to decide what meats, cheeses, and other ingredients went in. That was all great until I realized that I had no idea what things go well together. When I go to Qdoba or Uno Mas or District Taqueria, I usually select something from their menu and make slight modifications (like no onions or jalapenos, etc.). Having to create a street taco from scratch is a lot trickier, specially if you are clueless about what flavors go well together like I am.

Of course, the concept is a lot like Chipotle. You decide what goes in your burrito, bowl, or taco so, ultimately, if it’s crappy it’s entirely your fault. LOL. However, since you are selecting the things that you like best, you can’t really go wrong. While I can’t go wrong, the downside for me is that it will take several visits to get it just right. Then again, maybe that’s the idea.

I feel like it’s so much easier to just pick something from the menu. Deciding everything that I want in my taco takes so much more time and effort when all you want to do is just eat already. LOL.

Also, their elote, though quite tasty, was not as good as the elote at Uno Mas. I think Uno Mas is still my favorite place to get tacos, hands down.


I did really enjoy my cucumber lemonade drink. It was yummy and refreshing. I would go just for that! But also the food was decent and the price was right. I thought you got excellent value for your money.

Bottom line, Brian isn’t a fan. I thought it was just okay. Good value for your money, though. We may or may not be back but at least we’ve finally crossed it off our list. Until next time. GNG.

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