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Pre-Costa Rica Trip

Posted on May 6, 2019 by under Life.    

The blog is about a month behind right now but we are almost caught up! Whee! I’m posting about the day before we left for Costa Rica so you know what that means. The Costa Rica trip recap is coming up very, very soon.

The Saturday before we left for Costa Rica was full of regular Saturday stuff like my two Zumba classes (Aqua Zumba at VASA Fitness at 8:45 AM and Zumba at Andover YMCA at 10:30 AM) but then we also had to squeeze in a few other things like getting our nails done and beach-ready and then also a comedy show at the Wichita Orpheum. Yes, a comedy show!

When we were originally planning our trip, we had considered flying out of Tulsa with Jay and Becca (and Marc and Reniece) to save some money until we realized that we really couldn’t fly out of Tulsa because we had tickets to Jo Koy’s Break the Mold tour the night before. It turned out okay because, by the time we pulled the trigger on the trip, the airfare had gone up so we weren’t going to be saving that much money anyway compared to flying out of the Wichita airport. And, we really should be supporting our local airport so we can get more flights.

But I digress… We knew we had a super busy Saturday (more busy than usual) ahead of us, so we went straight to the nail spa after my Zumba class. As luck would have it, we ran into my friend Teresa who just finished getting her nails done. What a treat! We had to take a selfie (groupie) obviously.


Here are some pictures from Jo Koy’s Break the Mold Tour on Saturday night.


Here we are waiting in the lobby with a bunch of other early birds.


One of the funniest observations I made is that there were several Filipino people who were there in the line waiting to get in super early. The irony of this is that Filipinos are notorious for being late to EVERYTHING. Apparently they will be early for Jo Koy.


Here’s a pic of me and my friend Angela.


Here we are with the rest of Angela’s fam. Anyway, we just took a few pics. Pics before the show are okay but they are forbidden during the show. This rule (as well as the heckling rule) was enforced strictly. They actually walked a woman out of the show towards the beginning.


Brian and I hit the Hill after the comedy show.


We enjoyed some reverse happy hour snacks and drinks.


We couldn’t stay too late though because we had an early flight to Costa Rica (via Houston) the next morning. Next post we will start the first installment of our Costa Rica trip. #VacayWithJayJay #CostaRica2019 #PuraVida

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