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Iron Rail Brewing

Posted on December 22, 2018 by under Food and Drink.    

On my last trip up to Topeka for the year, we got to try one of the brand new brew pubs in the area. This one is just two doors down from the office.


Josh, Kelly, and I walked over there after work and Darcy met us after her workout. She worked out at the office gym so she just walked over as well.


The place had been open for several weeks already so we were hoping that the novelty had worn off and we’d be able to get right in. We still had to wait. It wasn’t too bad, though. Just 30 minutes.

I think people were having their Christmas parties, which is what contributed how busy they were. Still it wasn’t so bad. We were seated well before Darcy arrived.


Josh ordered the sausage and beer flight while we were waiting. They ran out of the two beers that he really wanted to try and, instead of telling him, they just substituted with other beers.

The sausage selection was good but you don’t really get much. We were thinking he would get whole sausage links but he just got a few pieces of each.

Here are a couple of pictures of the menu.


The food menu is above. The drinks are below.


I got the Harvey Girl, which is their version of Sex on the Beach.


We munched on chicken chicharrones while waiting for Darcy. I must have been hungry because I completely forgot to take a picture of it.


I got the BBQ mac and cheese for my entree. However, between the chicharrones and the pieces of sausage, I got full and couldn’t finish my dinner. I put the leftovers in the fridge at work after dinner and Selena ended up enjoying the rest of it for lunch on Thursday.


Josh had the shrimp and grits.


Kelly had a two-meat plate. Not that you really need that much food but their portions are smaller than most places. This is explains all the reviews that say the food is overpriced.


Darcy had the salmon, rice, and broccoli mash. I was actually considering getting this but then finally decided on the mac and cheese instead.

I thought the food was good and the location was perfect. You can’t get any closer to work. So it’s extremely convenient. Except you wouldn’t want to drink and then drive. I only had the one drink but I’m a lightweight so I always try to be very careful. I had a drink drink that night because I carpooled with Josh to the office and didn’t have to drive at all. Otherwise I would I have just stuck to water.

I’d been wanting to try this place since I’d seen pictures posted by friends on Facebook. Now I can finally cross it off the list.

BTW, this was my last trip to Topeka for the year. I don’t have to go back until the middle of January. Yass!

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