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I Don’t Like to Drive and Other Revelations

Posted on December 28, 2008 by under Family, Life, Movies.    


I so despise driving that I actually got my sister to pick me up from the UES (hardly, but I thought I would throw the reference in there – I will explain later) of Wichita and bring me to my parents’ house in Derby. I had called her and she agreed to do it so quickly that I was surprised.

“That was easy,” I told Brian. I really thought it would take more convincing. I concluded that she must have been spending the night somewhere in Wichita so it would be convenient for her to get me and take me to Derby. When I asked her where she came from, though, she said she came from Derby. So she came from Derby to take me to Derby. That was super nice of her.

I’m really getting used to this not driving thing, too. Ever since Brian started working for Viega, we have been carpooling. Plus, we always go everywhere together so I never have to drive anymore except on the rare occasion that I have doctor’s appointment or training or something else going on. Those are pretty rare, though, so I rarely ever drive. It’s nice not having to drive anywhere so I try to get out of doing it as much as possible.

Like today, for instance. I somehow rationalized in my mind that Jenni ought to come get me and take me to mom and dad’s so that Brian and I wouldn’t have to take separate cars when we looked at furniture. I don’t know how I worked that out in my head. Jenni didn’t make me work for my request, though, so I didn’t have to tell her my crazy rationale.

Mom wanted to go bowling, but neither Jenni nor I felt up to it. Instead we loaded Definitely, Maybe on the DVD. I had already seen it, but mom and Jenni hadn’t. It’s a good movie so I didn’t mind kinda-sorta watching it again. I didn’t pay much attention, though, because I was working on Jenni’s WordPress plugins part of the time.

Brian showed up toward the end of the movie so he got to watch part of it. Of course, he had to pick on me about crying during a specific part; and, of course, he was right. I wish I didn’t cry at movies, but I can’t seem to help myself.

Anyway, after the movie was finished Brian and I had to take off to check out a few furniture stores. Most places close at five or six o’clock on Sundays so we had no time to waste. We checked out Furniture Factory Outlet on South Oliver and also Bedroom Expressions on Furniture Row. The Bedroom Expressions showroom is really nice. I found this bedroom furniture set there that I really liked. Oh, I loved it! I just can’t fathom spending $2K on bedroom furniture. Maybe back in our credit card days we would have gotten it. Nevermind that it would barely fit in our tiny spare bedroom.

Brian and I agreed that someday we will be able to buy real furniture like that one. That would be a quite a milestone for us. Nothing makes you feel like a grownup like buying real furniture. LOL. =P

Anyway, we were going to return to Ashley Furniture and revisit some of their displays because after we looked at our room again the bedroom set that we originally picked out didn’t seem to suit it. Alas, they are closed on Sundays. I always question stores that choose to be closed on Sundays because I think they’re missing out on a lot of business. I mean, I work during the week so the only time I really have to do any browsing or buying is on weekends. If you’re not open when I’m free, then I’m not likely to buy from you. I’m certainly not going to take time off work just to buy furniture. Stores should at least be open on Sundays even for just a few hours. Then again, maybe I’m not their demographic. Their customer base probably consists mostly of stay-at-home moms, a club that I don’t belong to, so it may not matter much to them that they aren’t there for the regular Joes (or Jills).

Enough whining. There are three things that I revealed about myself in this single blog entry: (1) I don’t like to drive, (2) I’m a movie cry baby, and (3) I prefer stores that are open on Sundays. What about you?

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Replies to "I Don’t Like to Drive and Other Revelations"


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Jo Alonso  on December 29, 2008

I forgot to tell you, there is a store in Derby that is only open on WeekEnds and that is also the name of the store. They are located on the same strip as the old Dillons by Buckner and K15.

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