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New Zumba Job

Posted on August 31, 2018 by under Things to Do, Zumba.    

I got a new part-time job (jobby?) teaching Zumba for a new gym in town, VASA Fitness. They opened very recently. Their first week was the week that I got back from #ZINCON. I actually taught the Monday that we arrived home.


It was crazy but I got through it. And look, we are all still smiling.

Brian didn’t want me to get another Zumba job at first because he didn’t think my schedule could handle it. He was like, “Please don’t try to get a job there just so you can get a free membership. We will pay for a membership if you really want to join.” I was not to be restrained, however. I applied, interviewed, and was hired.

I think I may have been the very first instructor to teach in that beautiful studio.


The new gym is located in the old Albertson’s at Harry and Georgetown (between Oliver and Hillside on Harry). There’s a golf course and a Big Lots over there.

It’s pretty amazing. The gym is beautiful and has everything you could possibly need. The group exercise studio is huge and can comfortably accommodate 70-80 people. It also has a stage and a couple of huge, industrial fans. The lighting in the studio (and throughout the facility) is absolutely perfect.


Another amenity Brian and I both like is the fitness cinema. It reminds me of the one at Onelife but actually bigger. You can ride a bike, walk/run on the treadmill, or get on an elliptical while watching a movie. They also have a couple of racquetball courts and a lap pool. But the best part is the hydromassage.


I think, once Brian tried the hydromassage for the first time, he pretty much got offer the fact that he didn’t want me to take on another Zumba job. LOL.


In addition to everything else, they also have a gym where you can play basketball and pickleball. I haven’t tried to play pickleball there yet but I’m hoping to get a one on one pickleball match against Brian sometime.


The monthly membership fees are quite reasonable too. I think I would have seriously considered joining even if I didn’t work there.


Here’s a picture from my second week of teaching there. That day was a mess. I couldn’t get my phone to work so, after messing with it for some time, we ended up using Brian’s phone which didn’t have all of my songs in it. We started late and, even then, barely had enough songs to dance to.


Class is getting better, though. Last week some of my friends from Andover YMCA came to visit since the floors in our studios in Andover were being refinished. And then Amanda and Charis stayed after to show me a new dance.


I’m really enjoying teaching Zumba at VASA so far. Their philosophy of “Fun Happy Fitness” is consistent with my own. Our mantra is to help people find happiness through physical and emotional health. Our goal is to UPLIFT everyone through fun and happy fitness. UPLIFT is an acronym that stands for Unity, Passion, Love, Integrity, Fun, and Trust. How can you not like an organization that values these things? I think it’s a great fit and was a no-brainer for me. Plus, Kass Martin also teaches at a VASA in Utah so I knew I was in good company. LOL.


I’m super excited for this weekend because we’re basically doing an open house. Everyone who wears red, white, and/or blue can take classes for free. I’m only teaching on Monday night, though. I’ll be at the Andover YMCA per usual on Saturday and Sunday. Not sure when another opportunity like this will come up so, if you’re not currently a member and would like to check out VASA, this is your chance. I hope to see you on Monday night!

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