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#ZINCON Recap – Final Installment

Posted on August 26, 2018 by under Travel, Zumba.    

August is almost over and I’m still recapping #ZINCON. It’s sad how hectic and busy the last few weeks have been. I’ve hardly had any time to catch y’all up. Anyway, we are finishing the #ZINCON recap today. No matter what.


We are starting the final installment with this photo because this man Jose was a true enforcer. This man made sure people did not cut any lines. Brian observed him in action several times. No one was getting away with anything. Not on his watch.


Next is a photo of Joel on stage with Lindsey Taylor during Latin Pop.


I got a video too, which I posted on Facebook. I’ve since deleted it from my phone and now can’t find it on Facebook. I might have posted it on Joel’s wall, in which case, I can’t share it here anyway because of his privacy settings. I’ll have to remember to post my videos to YouTube or my Zumba with Ching page before deleting them so I can always find and share them.


Lindsey’s Latin Pop master class was the best way to start the day. I felt so energized after. And then, as I was leaving, I ran into my favorite Fly Girl. Crystal was part of the Fly Girl team this year! That’s so awesome!


My next session was Colombian Roots with Water Diaz. I love me some Wally! He is the nicest guy ever. Although, I must say, he taught us so many things in the two hours that he almost made my head explode. Thank heavens for the notes because I can barely remember anything.


Here’s a video clip from Colombian Roots.

Next, I had the Best of ABBA with Kass Martin and Steve Boedt. These two are amazing by themselves but they are ridiculous together. It’s magical. I had Motown with them last year. If you ever have an opportunity to take one of their sessions at #ZINCON (it doesn’t matter what it is), do it! I guarantee you will have a great time. Plus, they’re so inspirational.


Here’s a clip from the end of the session.

The are so exuberant and overflowing with positivity. They always fill me positive vibes. (Thanks to Kass’ sister Emily for taking this next pic.)


Then it was time for the theme party.


I didn’t want to pack a big costume in my suitcase so I just packed a butterfly mask and some wings and figured I would wear it with an all black outfit (tank and leggings). I knew I wanted to be more causal because I didn’t want to pack an extra pair of shoes and I had already planned to wear sneakers. Having been to these before, I wanted to be comfortable because I knew I would be on my feet for several hours. #NotMyFirstRodeo


My outfit actually got an upgrade when we got to #ZINCON because I picked up some Swarovski bedazzled gear (tank and leggings) at the Zumba Wear Store. So, instead of wearing the basic black tank and leggings I brought, I ended up wearing my new Swarovski gear. They were kind of expensive so I haven’t really been wearing them to workout. I’ve only worn the outfit once since I’ve been back. I was very careful when I washed them and that’s the main reason they haven’t gotten a lot of wear. I’m kind of afraid to ruin them. I don’t want to lose any crystals!

Here’s a video of Joel getting his face painted at the theme party.

These next set of videos are from the concert at the theme party. I got a really great spot. I was super close and could see everything and I could hear the music, which sometimes doesn’t sound the best, but was fantastic that night.

This group is called Locos Por Juana and they are amazing.

We met their bass player David (topless guy on the right) on the Zumba cruise earlier this year. He seemed really nice but probably doesn’t remember us.

BIP (another Zumba favorite) also performed that night.

Then it was back to Locos Por Juana again with Yo Te Quiero Ver.

Beto not just danced but also sang the song with them!

That was the first time ever that I actually stayed for the entire theme party. I normally get bored and head back to the room well before the end. It was different this time. I felt so enthralled and energized by the performances. It may be partly because they played all my favorites and I was familiar with the songs. No matter the reason, this was the best theme party concert I’d ever experienced. I thought it was even better than the concert during the #ZINCON 2013 theme party and that was my favorite theme party of all time.

The only disappointing thing for me was that my phone ran out of battery well before the theme party concert ended. So when I ran into Derek Hamilton (BIP) on my way back to the room, I couldn’t get a selfie with him. I did get a hug and kiss on the cheek, though.


Also, Joel wasn’t the only one who got his makeup done. I did, too. You can’t see it very well in this photo but they gave me fake eyelashes and glitter all over.


The next morning I was up bright and early for my Latin Urban session with Jhon Gonzalez. I saved it for last because I wanted to remember everything.

That pretty much wraps up #ZINCON 2018. I think I have one more post about Orlando but that’s pretty much it. Sorry it took forever to get caught up. We are almost there. Check back soon for the next update. GNG.

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