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I Feel Pretty

Posted on May 24, 2018 by under Things to Do, Zumba.    


Some pretty girls and I went on a movie outing last month to see Amy Schumer‘s “I Feel Pretty” movie. I never really go on girls’ only outings but the Zumba peeps seemed so excited about this one I couldn’t help but go along with it.

The movie (check the preview above) actually has a really good message. And, it was funny and entertaining so I’m very glad that I went.


Wendy, Laurie, Chelsea, Missy, and Danielle all brought their daughters so we had to take a mother-daughter pic. It was really cute.


Speaking of cute, Sarah and Rose wore matching outfits. We kind of talked about wearing Zumba gear, but the rest of their attire ended up perfectly matching completely unintentionally. I just love, love, love my Zumba family!

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