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A Few More Fundraising Events

Posted on May 23, 2018 by under Events.    


We had the opportunity to attend a few super fun events over the last few weeks. Last month Brian and I attended KANSEL’s Team Trivia event. We got to attend it for the first time a few years ago and it’s been one of our favorite events since. They always have some really cool silent auction baskets.


We only got one thing from the silent auction this year, which was a good thing because Brian spent quite a bit trying to win the gun raffle. Just kidding. He only bought six tickets. That was enough, though. They ended up drawing his raffle ticket so he actually won the thing!


Besides the AR, he was also very excited about his new Boulevard glass. He got it in the beer pull. Instead of getting a random glass, you got to pick your own this year. The beers are still random so that part is still a surprise.


The artwork above the door is the one thing I got from the silent auction this year. It’s a piece by a local artist known as Johnny Freedom. He has quite well-known and has his works on display everywhere.


The following weekend, we once again got to hang out with Tammie and Leo at the East Wichita Rotary Club’s Kentucky Derby party. It’s the club’s second annual Kentucky Derby fundraiser to benefit local nonprofits. This year the beneficiaries were KETCH, Down Syndrome Society of Wichita, and CASA of Sedgwick County.


Here’s a picture of all the ladies and our beautiful hats!

The very next day was WASAC‘s annual SALSA (Supporters and Leaders Against Sexual Assault) event. I knew what to expect this time, having attended the event before. A couple of years ago, when Brian and I attended the event for the first time, I actually thought there was salsa dancing involved. LOL.


Here are a few pictures from the event.



Brian didn’t go with me because I only got one ticket from work. I offered to buy him a ticket but he opted to stay home and play video games instead. Go figure. At least he goes with me to some events.

That’s all for tonight. GNG!

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