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SITFH Volunteer Appreciation

Posted on March 20, 2018 by under Events.    

Brian and I attended a volunteer appreciation event for Symphony in the Flint Hills (SITFH) volunteers last month. The event was held at the SITFH office in Cottonwood Falls. It was a good hour-long drive but not a bad one. The main reason I wanted to attend is because the invitation mentioned that we would get to preview this year’s theme. Here are a few pics.


The obligatory selfie.


This jolly fellow is Rex Buchanan, author of Roadside Kansas. He had a really interesting presentation about Kansas waterways.


This was a chance encounter with gubernatorial candidate Laura Kelly. She was at a meeting down the street at Grand Central and just happened to stop by the Symphony in the Flint Hills event.


They gave all the volunteers these nice notecards depicting images of the Flint Hills. The notecards are almost too pretty to use.


It was a wonderful event and we met many interesting people. We are both very grateful that we were invited to attend. The event has gotten me really pumped about volunteering for SITFH again this year. The event is going to be at Rosalia Ranch this year, which is the same venue as the 2014 event. I’m super stoked that it’s actually a lot closer to Wichita than it was last year. I’m hoping that Brian and I won’t have to work on the day of the event so we can have a more relaxed time enjoying the Symphony’s performance.

Check back in June and we will tell you all about it! Or, you can head over to the SITFH web site to purchase a ticket and join us!

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