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A La Carte Breakfast at Il Cielo

Posted on December 10, 2017 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

Tuesday morning, Halloween, was Jay and Becca’s departure day from Sandals Emerald Bay. They had plans to spend Halloween night at Universal Studios before heading to Mexico (Valentin) to celebrate Jennifer Jacob’s BIG 50th birthday. Our breakfast at Il Cielo was our last sit down meal with them.


Here are some pictures of our delicious breakfast.


I think it’s pretty easy to guess who ordered what.


I ordered the benedict (first pic), Becca ordered the omelet (second pic), Brian ordered the pancakes (he’s not very adventurous when it comes to food as you all know), and Jay ordered the steak and eggs (pictured below).


The craziest thing about Jay and Becca’s departure day is that it was the day that all of the crazy flight cancelations started. Apparently, the airport only has one firetruck and it was broken. US safety regulations don’t allow US flights to land in an airport without a working firetruck.

Well, Jay and Becca were relying on the flight to arrive because that was the plane that they were going to take back to the US. Being the savvy travel agents that they are, they managed to reroute their travel from Georgetown to Nassau and Nassau to Miami. This was possible because local flights and Canadian flights were still running as usual. The airport firetruck issue only affected US flights.

Several people who couldn’t get rerouted returned to the resort (it took several days for the firetruck to be repaired). The resort was nice enough to offer these folks a discounted rate for the additional unplanned days. Such was the case with my birthday sister Sharon. We found out that we share the same birthday at the manager’s cocktail party. Anyway, she and her husband didn’t end up leaving until Saturday. Their flight just kept getting rescheduled for the next day and the next.

At least I can’t imagine a better place to be stranded. Sharon and her husband didn’t seem to mind staying the extra days.

Jay and Becca, on the other hand, had specific plans. They had a few more stops on this trip. They had to get off the island stat. They figured it out but we did get to hang out with them a bit longer as they came back to the resort to sort out their flight situation after their original flight was canceled.

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