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Surprise Bath

Posted on November 25, 2017 by under Travel, Wishlist.    


One of the best things about having butler service and having great butlers is that they know what you want even before you do. Our butlers were phenomenal at anticipating our needs.

On our first full day at the resort, we came back to our room after playing in the pool all the day and found the tub ready for a bath. They decorated it too. The bath was so pretty that I had to take some photos.

Brian and I were both bewildered. We were like, “Did you ask for this?” “No. Did you?” Neither of us asked for the bath to be run yet there it was — warm and inviting. Not ones to let things go to waste, we promptly got naked and hopped in.

The warm bath felt so good. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We made a mental note to ask for it again because it was so awesome. Of course, we forgot. We did have a bath made for us a couple of times without asking. That was nice. We enjoyed it every time. We had the best butlers ever.

They were attentive and helpful and knew exactly what we needed before we could think it. The entire time that we were at the resort, we kept forgetting to grab lunch because either we were too busy playing in the pool or we fell asleep in the cabana and every single time they were there to bring us lunch either from the Jerk Shack or Barefoot by the Sea.

This was easily one of the best vacations we’ve ever had. I hope we can make our budget work so we can start going there every year.

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