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Ratchet & Clank

Posted on December 30, 2002 by under Games.    

Brian and I have been staying up late at night fighting over whose turn it is to play. The game that we are fighting over? Ratchet & Clank. It is so much fun! The first week that Brian bought it, I pretty much left him alone. I went to bed and he stayed up playing until the wee hours of the morning. He doesn’t have to get up early for work so he has that luxury.

Anyway, I got to try it while he went to the bathroom one day and things haven’t been the same since! I don’t think he expected this reaction either. After all, I’ve never really shown any interest in his favorite video games (GTA, Vice City, GT).

I like Galaga and the Tekken series and DDR — and now, Ratchet and Clank! It’s got a cuteness factor to it and it reminds me of when I used to play Super Mario (it’s a highly evolved form of the same kind of game, to me anyway) when I was younger. Now, we have to take turns..

It makes Brian mad sometimes because now he has to share it with me instead of being able to hog the game to himself. It’s not a two-player game, if that’s what you’re wondering. He often makes fun of the way I play (kind of like when he makes fun of me when I karaoke) saying that it’s painful. I do tend to run around in circles, but I can’t help it when I’m not wearing my contacts. I can’t see very well without them. I only laugh it off and tell him, “Yeah! I play Rachet and Clank like the way you type (I have always made fun of his two-finger typing style)! Only I play better!”

If you are squeamish do not read any further — I warned you!

Speaking of staying up, I had some really awful food poisoning last night! Brian thinks that it might have been some undercooked pork. We made one of these Campbell’s Supper Bakes, but followed the instructions and everything. I was telling Angie at work about my whole experience: excruciating cramps (imagine having diarrhea and constipation at the same time).. Anyway, it was awful. She goes, “Where did you eat?” I go, “At home.” She laughed at me, “You made yourself sick!” Like that’s impossible! It looked cooked to me. Brian thought it was, too! Well, maybe his was cooked — he didn’t get sick after all. Anyway, she tells me that it’s better to cook without timing — check it periodically and when it looks and feels done, then it is. Only one problem — how do I know what it’s supposed to look and feel like? What’s really baffling is that I have a more resilient stomach than Brian does! I can eat just about anything and not get sick. I can’t believe that I got sick and he didn’t! Not that I wish for him to suffer the same pain that I did — oh, it was awful — I wouldn’t wish for it on anyone! Anyway, I had to go to the bathroom right before bed (I really though I could just sleep the cramps off).. And then I woke up at like five am and went to the bathroom again! It was really horrible. And then before I could take my shower this morning, I had to go to the bathroom again! I seriously thought about staying home and not going to work. Anyway, I did go to work and I survived. I’m feeling much better now.. Tonight we may stay up again, but thankfully it won’t be because I have to keep going to the bathroom. Hopefully, it’ll be spent playing Ratchet & Clank! Or even better yet —

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