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Oak & Pie, Woodfired Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Posted on July 16, 2017 by under Food and Drink.    

We probably still would not have tried Oak & Pie were it not for Amy and Hideki’s impromptu visit a couple of weeks ago. They showed up at our house unexpectedly on a Saturday afternoon.

The house wasn’t in complete disarray but I had laundry hanging to dry and various things where they shouldn’t be, as I suspect is the state of most people’s houses when they aren’t expecting company. Surely, we are not alone in this.

We had planned a cookout for Sunday but, somehow, Amy and Hideki got confused and thought the party was on Saturday. In Hideki’s defense, we usually have our parties on Saturdays. We just happened to schedule it for Sunday this time around because Brian and both had taken Monday off work because of the 4th of July holiday on Tuesday. They were about 24 hours too early for the party. LOL.

Better early than late, though. I had this happen to me a couple of years ago. I thought the party was on Saturday. We had our outfits (it was an 80’s themed party) and present ready and everything. I just happened to check Facebook as we were heading out and then realized that the party already happened. It happened the day before, on Friday, and we completely missed it.

After quickly picking up and putting things away, we visited for a bit and broke into my new card game: What Do You Meme? After playing one round up to five points, we realized that it was about time for dinner.

Amy and Hideki brought various cheeses, gluten-free crostinis, wine and liquor for the party which we agreed they should just leave at our house so that they wouldn’t have to bring them all back the next day. Besides that, there wasn’t much to eat at our house because we weren’t expecting to feed anyone but ourselves that day.

Anyway, after some deliberation, the four of us agreed to go to dinner somewhere that none of us had been before. That’s how we ended up at Oak & Pie.


Naturally, I had to take pictures because that’s kind of my thing. Oak & Pie is really cool. Their specialty is pizza but they also serve other things on the menu. And, although it’s a pizza place, the ambiance is more fancy than casual.


Besides taking pictures of the restaurant interior, I also took pictures of our food and drinks. Here’s the meatball starter.


This was good but Carrabba’s serves something similar and I like their version better. Plus, I think Carrabba’s gives you four meatballs instead of three.


This was Hideki’s pizza.


Brian and I decided to split one. We got the pizza they had on special that day.


Amy got the special also but she asked for hers on a gluten-free crust. She also doesn’t mind onions, which we had them hold on ours.


Here are some pictures of drinks.


I really liked the pizza we had. It was quite satisfying. I’m glad Brian and I shared because, even with splitting the pizza, we couldn’t finish it. We had to take our leftovers home, and then promptly forgot about it. So then I didn’t even get to eat the rest of that delicious chicken and bacon pizza.


Here’s a group selfie from that evening. I look like crap because we weren’t expecting company or to go out for dinner. I debated on changing at first but then I was just like, “Whatever.” Laziness and apathy took over.

It was a productive evening overall, though. Not only did we get to play-test my new card game but, since we were on that side of town already, Brian and I decided to stop by Academy after dinner and we bought one of those corn hole games. Some people call it bean bag toss.

The only downside of it was that we didn’t realize how terribly-made the store-bought games are. The game we bought broke after one use. And here Brian probably thought he had gotten out of having to make us one. LOL.

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