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Post Christmas Spending

Posted on December 29, 2002 by under Life, Toys, Wishlist.    

Yesterday was an expensive day for us. I got Brian a DVD player for the bedroom as part of his Christmas (he really thought he was getting a wireless keyboard and mouse but I thought that a DVD player for the bedroom would be more useful) so we don’t have to keep moving the PS2 around. Sometimes he’ll want to watch a movie that either (a) I’ve already seen or (b) I don’t really care to watch so I don’t want to watch it with him in the family room (where the DVD player and big screen TV are). We don’t ever spend time apart so as a compromise he’ll bring the PS2 to the bedroom and watch it in there while I lay asleep in his arms. He’d been wanting a DVD player for the bedroom for as long as I can remember so I finally relented. Little did I know that this gift would beget another expense: a new TV. The 27″ that we have (correction: had; it’s been replaced as of yesterday) in the bedroom was inherited from one of his relatives and I think it was made before DVDs were invented because it didn’t have the necessary input/output jacks in the back. We could have kept it and just hooked the DVD player to the VCR which is hooked to the TV, but as anyone who has ever tried this ghetto-ass way of hooking a DVD player up knows the picture does a very annoying light-dark-light-dark thing throughout the show because of most DVDs’ copyright protection feature. We contemplated getting a converter thingamajiggie, but I figured that it would cost 1/3 of the price of a new TV (you can get cheap 27″ TVs for like $200 nowadays) and the one the we had was really old anyway so we might as well splurge. Besides, I felt really guilty for not anticipating the need for a new TV. Hey, it’s Christmas after all! I told Brian that if he gave me the $50 that mom and dad gave him as part of his Christmas I’d fork out the difference. We found a Toshiba 27″ full-featured one for just $249 at Best Buy (to match the Toshiba DVD player that I got for him — hey, it has to match! LOL! — you’re talking about me, the girl who had to buy a new webcam to match her black and gray computer — and man, was that difficult! most webcams come in an icky cream color). It works really great and the picture quality is wonderful. The only thing that was disappointing to me was that the website said it came in black, but the ones at the store were in charcoal gray. Oh, well. At least it’s the same brand as the DVD player. So anyway, we did some creative re-arranging with (Brian’s brother) Kevin’s help. The TV that was in the bedroom moved to the office and the TV that was in the office has moved to the living room (which didn’t have a TV before — I figured it will be useful in there so we can watch the Bowflex instructional videos directly in front of the machine when it comes and we won’t have to run back and forth from one of the other rooms — Brian wants to drill a hole through the wall and run cable to it because he wants to watch TV while he’s working out — hey, whatever makes him happy). The only room that we didn’t have to mess with was the family room and thank God for that! That would have been a nightmare! We took Jen (my sister) and Kevin out to lunch at Applebees afterwards (Brian paid for everything except the alcohol, which went on Jen’s tab — she and Kevin had some drinks) to thank them for their help. Then Jen, Brian and I went to the mall to pass the time. Jen got a $50 gift certificate to Victoria Secret from Matt (her ex, and Logan’s father) that she wanted to redeem and Brian and I both had $30 mall certificates from his grandparents. Brian got some clothes from Old Navy and I got a corduroy jacket from Hollister with a fur collar and quilted nylon lining. It’s really cute — I can’t wait to wear it! I forgot to give the checkout girl at Hollister my certificate before she rang my jacket up. She felt bad and said she could re-do it, but I’m paranoid about that stuff so I just told her not to bother. The jacket was on sale anyway — I really thought it was still at the regular price — so I was kind of happy about that. We walked around the mall for a long time to find a place to spend my $30 certificate, but — for the life of me — I couldn’t find anything that I wanted. I decided that I might as well put it toward something that will last forever.. We ended up at Zales. I really wanted these 1/2 carat diamond solitaires set in platinum to go with my ring, but with my $30 they’d still be a good $470. Brian said that they were too simple and really weren’t my style so I ended up getting these hoop style earings with baguettes instead. They’re set in white gold (not really my preference), but they were on sale and one can’t argue with that! Anyway, Brian gets a new TV and I get a new pair of earrings and we’re both happy!

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