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The Final Hours of 2016

Posted on January 7, 2017 by under Events, Life.    


You’ve probably heard me say this a few times before already: Hideki throws the best parties. He does! And I can prove it.

You get the picture. There are several reasons that make parties at Hideki’s great. The key reasons from my point of view:

  • He has the best Rock Band set up.
  • He has more liquor than most bars in town.
  • He is so warm and welcoming; he just has this way of bringing everyone together.

Meader took the photo above and this one below. He takes the best photos!


This is a picture of Missy, Christina, Holly, Glynda, and me taking a selfie. (Or should this be called a “groupie” since there’s a bunch of us in the selfie? LOL.)

These next photos were taken by me, with my phone, so if they are not the same calibre, that is why.


Can you believe that the girl sitting next to Missy is one of her children?


Here’s another photo I took while we were waiting to start games.


Here’s Hideki and Jake.


Of course, I had to take a selfie with Todd and his silly hat. 😉


Shots happened but I did not partake. I drank maybe a glass of wine, if that. I didn’t want to drink too much because Brian couldn’t drink at all. During his last physical examination, our doctor asked Brian to go on a low cholesterol diet and ordered him not to drink any alcohol for a month. Brian, who follows instructions to a tee, didn’t drink at all the entire month despite numerous opportunities and being tempted and taunted by everyone. Seriously. Not drinking during the holidays is a significant feat of self-control.

Anyway, he had his follow up with the doctor yesterday morning and he started drinking as soon as he got home from work. LOL. Must be all of that pent up alcohol craving. Just kidding. I think he had a glass of wine or two.

Brian is not an excessive drinker by any means. His stupid liver just likes to betray him.


Brian is not really a fan of Central Standard Brewing beer but he is a fan of the 32 oz. cans. We may have to go there and give them another shot.


Here’s a picture of Hideki enjoying his Harvey Wallbanger in a pineapple cup.


This next series of pictures is of Missy opening our present for her.


And a Love Pop card! Who doesn’t love these?


As usual, we had to leave a little after eleven so we could be home by midnight. Traditions. You know. Brian and I firmly believe that whatever you are doing on NYD is what you will be doing all year. We truly believe this and it works.

For instance, I taught Zumba on NYD last year and I ended up doing a lot of Zumba in 2016.

So there are several things we like to do to wrap up the year like make sure our cars our clean and the house is not too messy (we try to clean top to bottom if we have time). I also like to have a clean and organized closet; though I didn’t quite get that done this year. We never want to wake up hung over on NYD and I also try to do some work (at least a couple of hours worth). Mostly I just clean my email inbox. There was one year that Brian and I worked for eight hours on NYD and I felt completely overworked and exhausted that year. I vowed to never agree to that again. So I will work some on NYD but I won’t put in a full day.

Brian and I got home with just enough time to ring in the new year in our traditional way. I won’t elaborate. You have your traditions. We have ours.

As for the NYD thing… What you’re doing (and the state of your life in general) on NYD really sets the tone for your entire year so we are always conscious about the first day of the year goes for us. Every year we ask ourselves, “What do we want this year to be like?” And then we focus on that. So we never want to wake up hung over, or just veg all day. We want to be somewhat productive.

Next time, when you come back, I’ll tell you what we did on NYD this year. Until then, have wonderful, productive, and happy New Year!

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