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Stearman Field Bar and Grill

Posted on December 28, 2016 by under Food and Drink.    

After so many missed opportunities to try Stearman Field Bar and Grill, it finally happened. Brian and I finally got to check it out. Finally.


Brian and I went for one of my Rotary Club’s after hours socials. I’ve never made one of these because I’m usually out of town or I’ve already got another commitment or we don’t have it for that month.

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I was off work for a couple of days last week due to illness. It wasn’t until I got back to work that I saw the invite. Brian and I were so excited that we could actually go.

We’ve never been because it’s located in Benton and it always seemed so far away. Brian and I RSVP’d but I actually thought we would be late for the 6 PM event start time because Brian doesn’t get off work until 5 PM and it usually takes him a good 30 minutes to get home. After we mapped it, we were surprised to find out that the restaurant is only a little over 20 minutes away from our house. We were both like, “We can totally make it on time!” That is until Brian found out that he had to pick up some prescription medication for grandma and her doctor doesn’t have the ability to call or fax prescriptions to the pharmacy. He literally had to drive all the way to Andover to pick up the prescription and then take it to the pharmacy and wait almost 45 minutes for them to fill it.

It was kind of a roller coaster of anticipation. At first I anticipated being a few minutes late, then we thought we would be on time, and then we ended up being super duper late (as in an hour late).

Brian just wanted to skip it after we realized how late we would be but then I told him that we already said that we would make it and the invite said come and go so maybe other people will arrive late also. No such luck. We were the only ones late. And, everyone else was pretty much finishing their meal when we got there.

On the bright side, everyone was still there so at least we got to say hi to people. And, the club picked up our dinner tab so it’s not like we had to pay for dinner. Neither of us expected that as we’d never been to one of these after hours Andover Rotary Club get togethers before.


Here are some pictures of the restaurant interior.


I had the stuffed pork which was on special that night.


Brian had the chicken fried steak. It’s not exactly a low cholesterol meal but he only ate part of it (not even half).


Both of our meals were delicious. I didn’t try Brian’s but he said that it was even better than the chicken fried steak at Cy’s Hoof and Horn, which means it’s amazing because the chicken fried steak at Cy’s is really good.

Anyway, we’re already planning our next trip back. We decided we will return for breakfast/brunch when the weather is nice so we can see planes flying about and get the whole Stearman experience. Don’t worry. I will be taking lots of pictures and writing about it here. Stay tuned!

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