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I Eat Out Too Much

Posted on December 22, 2016 by under Food and Drink.    

I definitely think I eat out too much. It’s something I regret but also enjoy at times. Specially when I’m in good company.


Last week I met Kelsey and Terry at 715, my favorite restaurant in Lawrence. Brian and I got to try it out a few years ago and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. They always have really interesting specials.


That night with Kelsey and Terry they had arroz con pollo on special for $10. Terry and I both had it. It was delicious. It reminds me of arroz caldo, which is a fancy form of lugaw (Filipino rice porridge).

I have made lugaw for Brian a few times before just from scraps I can find in our fridge and pantry. Brian likes it when I make lugaw but this is something way better than anything I could make.

Anyway, the dish had a familiar texture and excellent flavor and I, therefore, loved it. It also helped that I was in the company of two of my favorite people, which made the dinner all the more enjoyable. We had a great time catching up with Terry and his post-corporate-life adventures. I am super sad that he is moving but he is moving somewhere fabulous and closer to his daughter and grandchildren. Who can blame him?

If you are wondering why I am super sad about this and asking yourself who Terry is, then you probably haven’t been reading this blog long enough. Just kidding. LOL. Terry was my boss’ boss for several years. He inherited the call center when we reorganized in 2009 and so we all became his children. He wasn’t officially my mentor but he was my mentor (and still is, kind of – we keep in touch). Seriously. This man pretty much imagined me into being, put me on this path, and made me who I am today.

So that’s who Kelsey and I had dinner with last week. The man is incredible. He even bought our dinner. Of course, he probably had some extra change from selling all of their belongings to empty their Lawrence house in preparation for the big Florida migration. They got rid of pretty much everything and they’re getting all new stuff for the new place; even kitchen stuff.

He told Kelsey and I about this cool company called Dreamfarm. They make the world’s best kitchen tools and gadgets. Period. End of story. And, they even send you cool “thank you” videos when you buy stuff from them.

Anyway, I purposely haven’t written about this because I’m worried that as soon as Brian sees all of the gizmos they’re hawking on their site he’s going to scrap all of our kitchen utensils. That can get expensive.

So, Brian, if you’re reading this – don’t get any crazy ideas!

Dinner in Lawrence was a nice break from the long drive the Kansas City, which is where I normally spend my Monday nights (so I don’t have to get up super duper early in the morning to get to the office). The routine is now a familiar one and I actually kind of enjoy working in downtown KC. There are downsides of course but there are definitely upsides. One of them is Wrap It Up – this new Tex-Mex place I discovered in the food court inside the building across the street.


They serve amazing breakfast burritos!


I can’t believe I only discovered them a couple of weeks ago! Selena and I were trying to figure out how we missed this place when we have been getting breakfast from Subway, which is in the same food court, this whole time. I realized why when I got there at 7:45 AM one morning and they were still closed. This place doesn’t open until eight. Selena and I are usually getting breakfast well before that (generally no later than 7:30 AM) so all of those times that we’d walked over to get breakfast, we never noticed Wrap It Up serving breakfast because the lights are usually still off and it’s completely dark on that side. Had we been coming later in the morning, we would have noticed the long lines of people waiting for their breakfast order. Trust me. It’s worth the wait. I haven’t been back at Subway since I discovered this place.

The downside is that Selena prefers to eat before eight (I do, too) and she actually likes the flatbread breakfast sandwiches at Subway. They’re not bad but I really, really, really like the breakfast burritos at Wrap It Up. I guess I’ll just have to stall every morning so that I can still walk across the street with my breakfast partner.

That same day we had our team holiday lunch with Kelsey and Michelle. The four of us went next door to Yard House. Not our first choice but when you only have an hour and you want a nice sit-down meal, your options are kind of limited. Kelsey actually suggested Webster House, which is where she had lunch with the One CIS change management team the week before. Unfortunately, that restaurant is quite popular for holiday lunches around this time of year because there weren’t any reservations available until 1:45 PM. We were stuck with Yard House.

Here are pictures of our four plates:





You’ll never guess which one mine is because I usually pick the crappiest, fattiest food item on the menu. This time I decided to go with a healthy option based on the advice of my friend Tammie who told me that I would be more successful with my running venture if I had better nutrition. I’m not much of a salad-eater but that last plate is mine. I had the summer salad (minus the leeks) which is a vegetarian option but, seeing as I’m not a vegetarian, I added chicken.

My salad consisted of romaine, strawberries, avocado, oranges, candied walnuts, and, of course, chicken, and it was absolutely delicious. I have never been so happy eating healthily in my entire life. I would get this salad every time. I now look forward to my next visit to Yard House because I’ve found something amazing on the menu that isn’t completely terrible for me. No more vampire tacos or greasy mac n’ cheese for this girl. LOL.

Finally, there was dinner at Anton’s, which I will have to write about separately. There will be pictures and words to go along with it so stay tuned.

Anyway, I eat out way too much.

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    Ching  on December 23, 2016

    For our first time at 715:

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