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Opera House Coffee and Food Emporium

Posted on November 19, 2016 by under Food and Drink.    


I found a new place to eat while I was in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. It’s called Opera House Coffee and Food Emporium. I’d seen it a few times while riding the KC Streetcar but I hadn’t bothered to stop and check it out until this last time. But then I liked it so much that I ate there twice that same week.


I love that they are right next to a streetcar stop (City Market), which makes it super convenient. I also love that there’s both indoor and outdoor seating so when the weather is nice, such as we’ve had the last few weeks, then you can dine outside.


I also like that the food menu is posted on the window so then you can decide what you want to eat (or even whether you want to eat there at all) before going inside.


Here are some pictures of the restaurant’s cozy interior.


I love the ambiance and can’t wait to take Brian there.


They have a pretty good menu and the food is good.


Here’s what I had on my first visit.


I was by myself that day and decided to eat somewhat healthy. I had the strawberry spinach salad with berries and I added salmon.

On my second trip I brought reinforcements. I met Michelle, Selena, and Kelsey there for dinner the evening of the election. I ordered a the grilled chicken panini, which was delicious. I would totally order it again.

I was pretty happy with the food I had both times. The service is pretty iffy, though. It took forever to get my panini and I probably would never have gotten it if not for Michelle noticing that the cook was just hanging out with a couple of the other workers watching the election updates on TV.

The three of them, Michelle, Selena, and Kelsey, had gotten there ahead of me and they all got their food pretty quickly. Michelle was like, “Isn’t that the cook? How do you not have your food yet when he’s out here hanging out?” Which prompted me to ask about my food. Turns out the guy who took my order completely forgot about it. The cook had it done a long time ago and set it on the counter to be delivered and it just sat there because the other guy forgot to bring it to me. He didn’t remember at all until I asked for it.

Anyway, the food is fabulous. The service not so much.

I still want to bring Brian there, though. Hopefully, the service will be better this next go around.

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