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Pictures from the 10th Annual Brew Ha-Ha

Posted on November 7, 2016 by under Events.    

Here are a few pictures from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Brew Ha-Ha event at Flint Hills National Golf Club last weekend.


Spot’s Party Bus was there as usual with several busses to cart people between the various lodges and the clubhouse. They’re the party bus company we used for our Pokémon GO party the week before.

We actually got to meet Kurtis, who we worked with in making our party bus arrangements. He was driving the “Wu Spot” bus that night. I think the bus pictured above is their “Yoda” bus.

We also got to see Eddie, the driver who was assigned to our Pokémon Go party. He was driving the pink bus. I like how they have several busses and they had a really good system going that night. You were never waiting around too long for a bus.

The longest we had to wait was when we were at the end of Jim’s street but it wasn’t a designated stop. Kurtis was nice enough to drop us off at the end of Jim’s street on the way to lodges on the other side and he told us to just come back to the same spot when we were ready to return to the party. It worked like a charm. We had to wait a few minutes but, sure enough, a bus showed up momentarily and Eddie just happened to be the driver.


Brian and I like to get there early because the lodges aren’t as crowded and you get first dibs on the food and beverages but also because Flint Hills National Golf Club is breathtaking and you don’t really get to appreciate the scenery as much when it’s dark. This is our obligatory pre-party selfie. LOL.


We also took a selfie with Darcy and Justin. Notice how there’s not anyone in the background? As the evening wears on, there’s more and more people, and the lodges quickly get crowded to where there isn’t anywhere to sit.

If you’ve been to Brew Ha-Ha before or seen some of my pictures from previous years, you know what I mean.


Joe Parten (Carrabba’s) supports the event and has participated every year that we’ve been. Besides Carrabba’s the other participating restaurants Abuelo’s, Bonefish Grill, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, and Woodfire Grille. We had to get a selfie with Joe because he’s awesome. He’s involved in various community events and it’s great. More people should do the same.

Anyway, you’ll notice that there’s not as many vendors as Zoobilee but that’s exactly why we like it. The food is usually better and there’s not as many people so it’s not so overwhelming. We also love that you get to ride around in a party bus, which also has beer, so your feet aren’t on fire at the end of the evening.

We made our first round with Darcy and Justin and then we ended up going to visit Jim at his house. We ended up visiting a while and then had to wait for the bus to show up so we didn’t end up making it back to the party until almost ten o’clock, which meant no second round for us. LOL. I’m glad that we stopped by the clubhouse though; otherwise, we would have completely missed these fine folks.


We did miss Don and Denise so that was a bummer.


They took off while the rest of the group decided to hang out at the clubhouse a little while longer to enjoy music by Annie Up.

Besides Don and Denise, there were a few others we didn’t get to see. I wish we could have seen everyone but we still managed to have a great time nonetheless.

I did run into Tammy, Stephanie, and Susan from Big Brothers Big Sister and also got to enjoy some great music, delicious food, and fabulous company. Brian and I were a little disappointed that there weren’t any silent auction baskets up for bid this year but it was a great night all in all.

Brew Ha-Ha still tops our list of most favorite fundraising events. I hope we have the privilege of attending again next year.

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