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Zip Line in Cozumel

Posted on October 31, 2008 by under Flickr, Travel.    

Poker Cruise 3 146

Brian wanted to do the Atlantis submarine thing, but we went with my idea. I should have listened to him. This was not what I expected. I thought “Adventure Park” was some kind of amusement park. I was so wrong. Do not do this excursion if you are out of shape and/or unathletic. It will wear you out. I only climbed one tower (not the tallest one, mind you) and I was pretty much done. =P

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When we first arrived, I was all excited. Luis, our guide, said that we could zip line as many times as we wanted to since there were only 10 people in our group. I was all gung ho until I realized they would make you go through several obstacles before you could zip line.

You had to climb the wall, walk through ropes and cross a ricketty bridge before you can do the zip line portion. Zip lining is fun, but I could only do it once. If there was a way to just zip line without going through the obstacles over again, I would have done it. I’m not afraid of heights, but that was some scary stuff.

I was so done that I didn’t even want to rappel off the 60-ft tower. I missed a great photo op as a result.

Here’s Brian’s $10 photo that they took before he started his rappel.
cruise 2

I totally did not like this excursion as much as our zip line excursion last year in Jamaica. Zipping through the jungle canopy is more my style. Hiking is not so bad. Climbing walls and going through obstacles? Not me. I would do the one in Jamaica again. This one? Only if you paid me. =P

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