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Hyatt Regency Orlando

Posted on October 19, 2016 by under Travel.    

I got to experience the Hyatt Regency Orlando (the hotel we stay at every year during ZINCON) outside of ZINCON and it was like an alternate dimension.


The first photo is what the lobby looks like during ZINCON and the second photo is the lobby outside of ZINCON. It’s like a whole other world!


I had to take a picture of B-Line because it was completely dead. Usually when we’re here for ZINCON it’s buzzing with colorfully-clad people.


I also had to take a pic of Faith’s massive suite.


She had a dining table, living room, and balcony!


I had forgotten how amazing the hotel fitness center is.


I had to take some pics of it.


Their beautiful workout studio would put most dance studios to shame.


They even have a spin studio with spin classes every morning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. No need to miss group classes while you’re traveling!


The hotel not only has a great fitness center but the pool area is amazing. It’s even more amazing when it’s not super crowded like it is at ZINCON. I enjoyed a very nice afternoon reading and taking a nap by the pool with Kelsey on one of the days.


As hotels go, the rooms are well furnished with everything you need. It even includes a bathroom scale.


The reason why there’s two in this photo is because Kelsey, who recently started a weight-loss program at the time of our trip, had to weight herself everyday so she decided to bring her own scale. I could have sworn that I told her ahead of time that the hotel supplied bathroom scales in all of the rooms. I guess she forgot.

They think of everything. The only thing missing from the rooms is a microwave, which they don’t have because — as the concierge explains — it’s a fire hazard. However, they’ll provide one by request if it’s needed for medical reasons.

All the staff members were on their A-game while we were there. Kelsey and I asked for a microwave for her room (for her special diet), walked over to Walgreens to get her flavored waters, and her microwave was already in her room by the time we got back (less than 30 minutes later). At the hotel I stay at in Kansas City, it would have taken half a dozen phone calls just to get the simplest of things done. Seriously.

Customer service at the Hyatt Regency Orlando has always been pretty good during all the times we’ve stayed there but they were operating at another level that week. I wondered if everyone received a pep talk right before the EMACS Customer Experience Conference came to town. I joked about this to one of the bellhops that I ran into in the elevator one day and he said they did have a big huddle a few days before. You definitely don’t want to mess up with a bunch of Customer Experience experts because thousands of people will find out about it. LOL.

But, one of the funniest parts was when Kelsey and I went to get coffee at the onsite Starbucks. I happened to be wearing my “WE MOVE THE WOLRD” shirt from this year’s ZINCON. When I got up to the counter the barista read the writing on my shirt and was like, “WE move the world… You’re a Zumba person?!!”

“Yes, I am.”

“But that was months ago.”

“I never left,” I told her. “I’ve been here the entire time.”

You should have seen the shocked look on her face. You could tell she was trying to process it and it took a moment for her to realize I was kidding. And then she told me how much they love the Zumba convention and all of the Zumba people because they are always so happy and loud and they bring life to the place. She said everything seems so lonely and dead after the Zumba convention. She also told me that it’s the only time that they’re open until 8 PM. The rest of the time they close at 4 PM because it’s just so dead.

Having experienced the hotel outside of ZINCON, I understand what she means. It’s really not the same. It made me so nostalgic for ZINCON and I can’t wait until we are back again next year.

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