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Willy Wonka at the Orpheum

Posted on September 11, 2016 by under Things to Do.    


We took my little sister Nickira to see the original Willy Wonka movie starring Gene Wilder on Friday day night. They had a free showing at the Wichita Orpheum Theatre. Brian and I were running late because he didn’t get off work until 5 PM and then we still had to pick up Nickira. Luckily, the Phelpi were there early and got us excellent seats.

As the movie began, Nickira told me she had already seen it and promptly fell asleep halfway through. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed the movie much more than she did. But, clearly, the lady sitting two rows behind us enjoyed it much more than we did (and everyone else in the theater for that matter) because she recited all of the major movie lines and sang along to all of the songs. LOL.

Brian made fun of me at the end because I cried. April asked me if I had seen the movie before and I had. I just can’t help but cry whenever I hear the words “happily ever after.” It’s such a heart-warming movie. I just melts my heart.

Apparently, it was raining really hard while we were in the theater because the Orpheum was surrounded by water. We had to walk through a river to cross the street to get back to my work parking lot. What a mess!

I shouldn’t have been surprised though, because the last time we were out with the Phelpi we ended up with a major thunderstorm. We are planning another outing with them in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the third time’s the charm.

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