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Jared & the Mill at the Orpheum

Posted on July 4, 2016 by under Events.    

Brian and I got a couple of free tickets to see Jared & the Mill through KMUW. We’d never heard of the band before but we’re always up for checking out new bands.


I’m so glad we went because these guys are phenomenal. This was their second trip to Wichita. I hope they come back again because they’ve turned us both into fans.


Here’s an Audiotree live session I found on YouTube when I was doing a cursory research about the band we were about to see perform. I loved this video and really enjoyed the music so that got me even more pumped to see the show.

Here are some pictures we took after the show.


This is the Piper of Piper Leigh and the Smoking Section. They were the opening act. Here’s a video of her and her band that I found on YouTube.

This is Chuck. He is super tall and had to stoop a lot for this photo.


This is Josh. He plays drums and other instruments.


This is Larry. Larry plays guitar and is a long-time friend of Josh’s.


This is Michael. He plays banjo, mandolin, and harmonica.


This is the lead singer, Jared. He and Michael go way back just like Josh and Larry. Jared and Michael have been playing music together since they were kids.


The only person we missed was accordion player Gabe. I’m not sure where he was that night. Here’s a link to the band’s official bio from their web site. Anyway, all the guys were awesome and super friendly. I can’t wait to see them perform again.

I rarely listen to music that is not Zumba music but, as I get exposed to bands I’ve never seen or heard before, I’m finding that I really enjoy folk and folk-rock music. Let me know if there are artists or bands in this genre of music that I should check out.

In the meantime, I’m leaving you with one of my favorite Jared & the Mill songs. Enjoy!

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