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Exercising My Rights

Posted on November 5, 2008 by under Moblog.    


Guess who voted for the first time yesterday! Yup. I did it. I had Brian take photos of me outside the building (no pictures are allowed inside) in order to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Brian didn’t vote, of course. He isn’t even registered. Never has. He says he is going for the world record of oldest first-time voter and will register to vote when he hits 100 or so.

Anyway, it was really disappointing because they didn’t even ask for my voter registration card or ID or anything. They just asked for my name, had me sign the book, and then directed me to the voting machine. It was really kind of anti-climactic.

Some of my coworkers knew that it was my very first time voting so they asked me how it went and the inevitable question of who I voted for… I voted for Obama, but he really didn’t need my vote. It was a landslide victory.

My in-laws are die-hard Republicans. I’ve always thought of myself as moderate leaning toward the Republican side. I took this quiz online a few weeks ago, though, and it told me that I’m liberal. Who knew?

Anyway, I figured that I would vote for Obama leading up to the election. However, you get information from all sorts of places that tend to sway you. Of course, my father-in-law probably wanted me to vote for McCain. So as we were driving to the voting place, I began to have second thoughts about voting for Obama and started considering voting for McCain. I was thinking that Obama will give all of my money to the poor people and so I should probably vote for McCain. But then, I realized that I’m one of the poor people so I might actually benefit from some of the policies that Obama will put in place. That solidified my decision to vote for him. LOL.

I’m really glad that I voted because this election will probably go down in history as one of the most important elections of all time. Now I can say I was part of it!

P.S. I’m backdating some posts so please be sure to scroll down. New blog posts about our recent trip are popping out below and if you don’t scroll down you will miss them!

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  • Replies to "Exercising My Rights"


    Jennifer  on November 10, 2008

    Hello! Hope you guys are ok. . .we had a lunch thing at mom’s yesterday and we sure missed seeing you there 🙁

    I hope your trip was awesome! I bet it was. I’m still jealous 🙂

    I have a new website because of a few issues with the other. I emailed you the login info.

    Well… take care guys. 🙂


    Ching  on November 10, 2008

    Trip was a lot of work, but we survived it and had some fun in the process.

    What happened to the old web site? BTW, I got the new web site info. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We really appreciate it.

    I hope you guys are doing great!

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