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Nickira’s First Time at the Circus

Posted on May 9, 2016 by under Things to Do.    


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon so we decided to take my convertible. Also, Brian got to go with us so I didn’t have to drive. We also got to park in the Lexus VIP parking lot in front of the Intrust Bank Arena so we didn’t have to walk very far. We just had to cross the street. That was nice.


I didn’t get to take many photos because Nickira wanted me to take videos. The one above is of Nickira with a couple of the Chicago Boys (of America’s Got Talent fame). Nickira was really impressed with their tumbling skills.

Below is a photo of the high-wire act.


Here they are in action.

We also got to see some elephants do tricks.

Here’s one of the acrobats. She made beautiful figures while spinning around.

Here’s an interesting spin on an acrobatic show. I’ve never seen it done with a motorcycle swing before.

Here are few videos of the Chicago Boys.

And then there was this crazy sphere of death.

And the tigers, because it’s not a circus without tigers.

Here’s Nickira explaining where cotton candy comes from.

I’m actually glad that I talked her down to only getting one bag of cotton candy. She wanted 25 bags at first. The circus is quite expensive. And to think we only bought pretzels and popcorn and drinks. We didn’t even buy one of those light up swords.

Oh, and Nickira was all into the cotton candy until Brian explained how it’s truly made. After she found out it was completely made of sugar, she didn’t want anything to do with it. She decided to just save the rest and give them to her brothers.

Nickira said this was actually her first time at the circus. I forgot that that when I was supposed to take her last year, her dad came into town and so they spent some time together instead. Brian and I went by ourselves. That was my first circus experience. The second time around I knew what to expect a little bit better. Brian and I had fun the first time, but I have to say, it was definitely more fun watching the show with Nickira. When Brian and I went last year, we only watched the first half. We actually stayed for the entire show this time around.

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