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Holiday Party

Posted on December 22, 2003 by under Life.    

The employee holiday party was a bust! I didn’t have as much fun as I thought I would. I think that may have been partly because Jen and mom weren’t with us this year (they attended last year’s event); Misty, Megan and Kelley came and then promptly left; I was really eager to play Texas hold ’em poker and no one wanted to play; and to top it off, we put 30 raffle tickets (all of the raffle tickets we earned by fake-gambling all night) into the Pirates DVD prize and didn’t win.

Megan and Kelley made a brief appearance and then left to go to Bricktown 54. Brian and I followed after the prizes were drawn. We agreed that we would leave as soon as they finished drawing the Pirates DVD winner but, as luck would have it, the pit boss (I made the mistake of calling him ring master earlier in the evening and caught a lot of grief for it) decided to start from the other end so Pirates ended up being drawn third or second to last. Anyway, we ended up having to sit there for practically all of the prize drawings.

Just to keep myself occupied I would feign excitement and try to look at the ticket numbers in my hand after each one. Brian would predictably scold me for being silly because we both knew that we didn’t put any tickets in those bowls so I couldn’t possibly have the winning raffle ticket in my hand. When it came time to read the numbers of the winning raffle ticket for Pirates, we were both eager with anticipation. It was totally disappointing that we didn’t win, after all of the tickets that we dropped the prize bowl.

The real fun actually began after the employee holiday party when we met up with Megan and Kelley at 54. As can be expected they were sitting at Smiley’s (they bartender they’ve been crushing on ever since the first time they’ve set foot in the club) bar. There was much drinking and much dancing going on. At one point Brian and I were actually part of a dance floor orgy (initiated by a overly outgoing, overly sensual female stranger) which made Brian very, very uncomfortable.
Anyway, here are some pictures for you to feast your eyes on.

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