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Bowling on the 3650

Posted on December 20, 2003 by under Games, Toys.    

On the way home Brian was telling me about this bowling game in his 3650.  He was bragging about his 204 high game and his 533 high series.  As you know, I’m a much better bowler than he is in real life so I felt very confident that beating his high scores would be a piece of cake.

He gives me a run-down of the controls and I play the game all the way hom.  He’s only more than happy to let me play because this gets me out of his hair as I have this tendency to supervise as he drives which, it turns out, is very annoying to men and Brian is no exception.

It takes me a couple of games (not frames, mind you — there are ten frames to a game, and it took me two games) to get the hang of the limited controls.  Once you get the hang of it, though, it’s not too bad.  Nothing like real life, but not too bad considering it lets you move the ball from the left to right, adjust the speed/strength of your throw, set the aim and put a spin or hook before you throw.  The challenging part is that all of this is donen through one button.  LOL!  It’s not that bad really.

Anyway, we get to the house and I still haven’t beaten his score.  He’s laughing at my persistence and egging me on by saying I should just give up because I will never beat his scores.  To add insult to injury, the phone beeps “low bat” on me.  If you think this is the end of it, think again.  It takes more than this to stop a determined person such as myself.

I get home, plug the phone in and continue playing.  An hour later, sweaty palms and everything, I’m still playing.  A lesser person would’ve given up long ago.  But no, not I.  I finally bowled a 226 toppling his puny 203 game.  Thank God for it too because my thumb was getting really tired and my back was starting to ache for being hunched over for so long.

“You’ve yet to beat my high series!”

“I bowled a 226 game!  Beating your 533 high series, should be chicken feed.”

I play a couple of games to no avail.  I tell him, calculate the average per game for a 533 series so I at least know what I’m shooting for.  He does and it’s a meager 177.  This boosts my confidence and sure enough within ten minutes I produced a 535 series.  It’s only two pins more than his high series score but it’s good enough for me.  I can rest now.

I suppose you could glean from what you have just read that stubborness runs in our family also, but there are more positive qualities at work here; like perseverance and determination and hard work..   Man, I really need a life!

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