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A Savage Christmas Party and White Elephant

Posted on December 6, 2015 by under Events.    

Every time I get caught up on the blog I get behind again. LOL.


Our project director Kim Savage hosted a wonderful holiday get together at her home last week. We enjoyed a nice dinner and had a fun white elephant gift exchange. The Savages were wonderful hosts and made everyone feel welcome.

By the way, there are actually way more people on the project than pictured above. Some couldn’t make it and there were a few people who had already left by the time we got around to the group photo.


While we were waiting for everyone to show up at the hotel lobby to carpool to the party I took a picture of Kelsey with her very festively wrapped white elephant gift. Both Kelsey and her present were so cute, I just had to.


The best part about this is that, if you look at our project manager Andy’s party attire next to Kelsey’s, they look like they’re going to two totally different events. LOL.

The white elephant gift exchange went well. Of course, Andy had to outdo everyone. Despite the $25 gift limit he managed to put several things in his gift. His seemingly bottomless gift bag included a giant bottle of Svedka, a couple of bottles of Fifty Shades of Grey wine (one red, one white), and a bottle of Boone’s Farm Blue Hawaiian (it was nasty but Radhika seemed to enjoy it). His gift was naturally the most coveted gift of the evening. Mine didn’t fare too badly and was stolen at least three times as well before being benched but I actually followed the gift limit rules. Granted, it would have cost more than $25 had it not been on sale at the time but Red Envelope gifts always present well and tend to look more lavish than they really are. I got five of those gifts to give a way last year and just happened to have this one left in storage. Since I didn’t have time to order anything online for the event, I ended up using this one and it worked out. Looking back, this gift is probably one of the most well-received gifts that I’ve given to people that I really should have bought a dozen to save for occasions like this one. Now that Red Envelope has folded I can’t get them anymore.

Everyone was a really good sport about the white elephant gift exchange. The first gift to be stolen was Andy’s and once the gift stealing started we implemented a twist where anyone stealing a gift had to take a swig off the Boone’s Farm as penalty. It made you really think twice about whether you wanted to steal because, besides Radhika who seemed to like it, everyone agreed that stuff is nasty. That didn’t slow down the stealing, though. Gifts were still stolen and the bottle was pretty much wiped out by the end of the game. Probably because Radhika drank half of the bottle.

Speaking of Radhika, she ended up going home with my present and I went home with hers. After all of the gift stealing was said and done, we just ended up exchanging presents with one another.

This was the first of many holiday parties of the season. We are off to a great start!

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