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First Time at the Eldridge

Posted on November 24, 2015 by under Travel.    

I had the opportunity to stay at the Eldridge in Lawrence a couple of weeks ago when I had to work in Topeka. I wouldn’t have stayed there were it not for everyone else staying there. I figured I should stay where everyone else is staying and take advantage of the opportunity to bond with my project teammates.

I was initially just going to stay in Wichita and call in to the meetings but our Project Manager convinced me that I needed to be onsite with the PwC Functional Lead Rahima (my counterpart) so that we could use the time in between meetings to prepare for the Enterprise Design (future state) workshops. I’m glad I decided to travel to Topeka that week, despite Wednesday being a holiday, because the time I was able to spend with Rahima proved truly valuable. We worked long hours but also had a great time since we all stayed in Lawrence.


I had a cute little room at the Eldridge with a great view of Mass Street. Here’s a picture of the separate sitting area that you walk into upon entering the room.


My room was small but comfortable. The room was just wide enough for the bed but I didn’t really spend much time there. Most of my time was spent at work.


This is the view from my hotel window. I didn’t really get to see it until Wednesday when I was off work because the entire time I was there I left well before the sun was up and didn’t get back to the hotel until late into the evening.


The hotel’s location is fantastic. There are lots of great restaurants and bars just right outside the door. The only thing I didn’t like about my room is that the ceiling fan wobbled and clicked and kept me up all night. Of course, it didn’t help that Joey, the PwC Project Manager, told me about the ghost in room 506. Incidentally, the PwC Project Director Pete actually got that room. He said he didn’t hear any funny noises and had no problems sleeping. I, on the other hand, because I’m highly susceptible to all forms of suggestion, dreamt that I had a ghost in my room and stayed up all night.

Anyway, I really like Lawrence and the Eldridge is a great hotel. I may have to go back and bring Brian. Perhaps on Valentines Day. It’ll be a lot like the time we stayed at the Oread over Valentines. It’s been a while since we’ve spent the weekend in Lawrence. It should be a lot of fun.

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