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Brian’s New Toy

Posted on December 18, 2003 by under Toys.    

It’s all my fault.  My shopping addiction has totally rubbed off on Brian.  Now when he gets stressed out, frustrated or bored, he shops — just like I do.  We really need to put a stop to this.  I realize now that it is wrong and we’re going to try to do better in 2004.

Anyway, last month he bought himself a portable DVD player.  I’ve never really understood the usefulness of those things but Brian is a true electronics junkie.  He can rationalize it anyway he wants.  All I can say is, if everyone else has one he has to have one.  That’s the way he is with his big boy toys.

This time around he spent $200 on a freaking remote control.  I mean, who the hell spends $200 on a freaking remote?  It’s supposed to come free with your electronic device (unless of course it’s one of those special edition — read: stolen — ones).  Shoot!  You could buy a DVD player for that price.  Hell!  You could even buy a nice TV (small one, but a nice one nonetheless) for that price!

Here is a picture of the horrid monstrosity that is his newest acquisition:

Sony Universal Remote Commander RM-AV3000

He told me about it while I was at work yesterday.  See, this is what happens when you leave your husband unsupervised for two seconds.  Anyway, I can’t dog him too much for buying it because he is really super-duper excited about this thing.  He’s like a little child, telling him there is no Santa Claus would just devastate him.  Besides, he probably feels the same way about me and my clothes.  Here is how part of our conversation went:


ME: Does it work?
B: With one button I can turn everything on or off.  I can program macros to do anything I want!  I LOVE THIS THING!!!

M: But can it make breakfast for you?

B: I haven’t gotten to that part of the instructions yet.

M: You’re nuts.  I’m saving this conversation and posting it on my blog.

B: But if we have a machine that is remote controlled that makes breakfast, I can program this thing to run it!!!

B: I am sooo happy.  I dont need any of the other remotes any more.

M: You’re such a goober.  I want a demonstation.  It better be good too.

B: I’m going to the dinning room to program that next.

M: I shall wait to be impressed.

True to form, when I arrived home from work he gave me a little demonstration.  He has this one button programmed as movie night and, literally, with the push of one button it turns on our big screen TV, the surround sound system and the DVD player.  He even programmed it to put the TV on the correct channel and to have the DVD automatically eject so all we have to do is put our DVD in and bam, we’re good to go.

I guess it is pretty cool.  But me being me, I’d rather spend $200 on a good coat or a pair of shoes or something.

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