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Kristy’s Wedding

Posted on December 17, 2003 by under Family.    

I’ve got lots of blogging to make up! Sorry about the unexpected hiatus. The end of the semester means finals and even though I’m not one to really study, I’m not exempt from the usual panic, stress and frustration associated with end-of-the-semester blues.

Anyway, here are some choice pictures from Kristy and AJ’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and I’m glad that we made it before the half-way mark. Dad, on the other hand, was probably relieved that we were late because an hour-long wedding is just too much for him. Half an hour is as much time his attention span can spare. It was fairly short, as Catholic weddings go. I dunno. Maybe it was average but we got there late so it seemed shorter. At any rate, here are the pictures without further ado..

I know, I know. There are only five pictures. But, you know how that goes.. I know that most of you have short attention spans. This is after all the tv/vg generation. For those folks who want more, just follow this link..

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