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Jen’s Birthday

Posted on November 22, 2003 by under Family.    

This is going to be one of the busiest weekends ever!

The festivities started yesterday, with Kevin’s wedding.  Kevin and Chris were wed by a judge at Brian and Kevin’s parents’ home.  It was a nice ceremony.  Brian and I were put in charge of wedding and video.  But I don’t think I’m going to be able to download and process the pictures that I took until next weekend or at least Friday because I actually have to go to work today (in exchange for taking the day off yesterday).

Then after work, Brian and I are going to see Gothika.  It’s gotten really horrid reviews but oh, well.  We’re going to see it anyway.

Tomorrow will be the day I’ll catch up on all my chores, like laundry, and studying because I have a quiz on Monday.  Not too much of that thought because we’re going to Mom’s house tomorrow for a little birthday dinner (Jen’s) before heading of to Loony Bin (a local comedy club which, incidentally, is right by our house).

Speaking of Jen’s birthday, we were all at 54 last night to celebrate it.  It was a bummer because when we got there, they wouldn’t take our free pass.  They said it was only good until 8 pm.  So we had to pay up.  Good thing cover is only $5.  When we got there, mom and dad were there drinking margaritas and dad had several (and I mean several) shots of slippery nipple on the table.  I had one, but that was it for me.  I’m not a shots kind of girl.  So I had my usual sex on the beach, which I had three of.  Luckily, Dad volunteered to put Brian’s sodas and my drinks on his tab so we didn’t have to spend anything more than our cover.

When it was time for mom and dad to leave, they paid their tab and it was over $65!  Brian said that $45 of it were just shots.  Dad must’ve had a lot of those slippery nipples!  I was so astounded because, well I’ve never pictured my dad in a club like 54 (my mom maybe but not dad) and secondly, I’ve never known him to drink so much!

It’s a crazy, crazy world!

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