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Rib & Chop House

Posted on January 31, 2015 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    


Yup. You guessed it. More pictures of food are coming your way. This happens when I get behind on blogging. Sorry, guys. We are almost caught up, though.

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is trying restaurants that I wouldn’t find in Wichita and trying dishes that I wouldn’t normally get back home. Our friends in Saint George took us to Rib & Chop House, a restaurant conveniently located next to our hotel.


I had the stuffed red snapper with a side of asparagus (above). The filet was stuffed with crab meat. It was almost over the top. The dish was delicious but it was so rich that I couldn’t finish it all. It’s a shame too because I want to eat it again just thinking about it. I wish I could have found it in me to eat every single morsel.


The surf and turf was popular with several people in our group. You could get with either lobster or crab legs. As soon as I saw the surf and turf plates arrive at the table, I regretted ordering the red snapper. The surf and turf plates looked amazing.


I didn’t order it because I didn’t want to fight crab legs which tend to be difficult to eat, but Rib & Chop House has pre-split the crab legs. They’re already cracked open so you don’t have to do any work. You just dig the meat out of the shell with your fork and chow down. It required little to no effort at all.


The restaurant also served mutant baked potatoes as a side option. That’s not what they’re called on the menu but that’s what they looked like to me because these potatoes were ginormous.


Speaking of ginormous, check out this ice cream sandwich.


It’s not like any ice cream sandwich I’d ever seen. It was huge!


Rib & Chop House on Urbanspoon

I had to get a picture of Josh’s beer. That’s something else not readily available in Wichita. LOL.

I’m not a beer drinker so I didn’t get to try it but now I wish I had. I mean, when will I ever return to Utah? Sometimes the things we regret most are the things we didn’t get to do.

Oh, well. Maybe work will let me go again next year. If so, I’m definitely having a Polygamy Porter. Bitter beer face and all.

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