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Posted on December 7, 2014 by under Reviews.    

Meddys on Urbanspoon

Meddys opened a few months ago at the old Jimmy’s Egg location on Harry and Rock Road. However, we didn’t learn about it until after Lights on the Lake. We were super impressed with food at the event that we had to track down the caterer. That’s how we found out about Meddys.

We try not to eat out too often but we’ve been really lazy about cooking at home the last few months and it’s hard to resist a good hummus. LOL. Plus, it’s located in our section of town so we couldn’t not check it out.

Here are some pictures of the restaurant:




What I like most about Meddys is the simplicity of their menu.


You don’t have to spend a half an hour trying to decide what to have. Also, the sides are all $1.99 which beats any super value menu at any fast food restaurant.


Brian got the creamy tomato soup, which he had a chance to try and liked at the fundraising event.


He also got a chicken shawarma wrap and a side of shoe string fries.


I love skinny fries so they already got me. Brian prefers the fat, steak fries.


For dinner I had the beef shawarma bowl. I had to fish out the onions, which I don’t like, but it was great other than that. I’m not really that hard to please. You give me some meat and some rice, and I’m good to go.

Brian, on the other hand, wasn’t easily impressed. He felt that the quality of the food fell short of the restaurant’s promise. I would have to agree with Brian. Meddys is great but, if you have the opportunity to try their catering, it is way better. I wonder if different cooks prepare the catering food than the ones that cook at the restaurant on a regular basis. I still think it’s good either way, but Brian was really disappointed because he expected the food to be just as good (if not better) than the food at Lights on the Lake.

For me, if you have good food and good prices, you’re already winning. For instance, a couple of people can share the $1.99 hummus and call it good. They give you lots of pita. More than enough to share. Maybe that’s just me because I find hummus really filling.


If you want something more substantial, you can get the shawarma and hummus plate for $7.99. It’s enough to feed two hungry people. Where else can you eat well for that cheap (without resorting to ordering from a super value menu)? Nowhere.


Thank you, Meddys, for giving me another reason not to cook.

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    Thanks for the thorough review and great pictures! Very helpful review.

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