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Molly, Our Perverse Little Angel

Posted on October 26, 2014 by under Babies.    


She looks so sweet but she has a couple of really weird habits. One is that she cannot eat over her bowl. She picks up food from her bowl, walks a little ways before dropping the food on the carpet, and then she eats off the carpet. This makes for interesting textures on the floor when you’re walking around barefoot.

And then there is this other thing that she does:

It’s kind of weird but I’ve been told it’s quite normal. It’s a way for her to show dominance. She’s always done it and would even mount Jesus, one of our cats back when we had cats. She couldn’t do it to Felix or Oscar because they wouldn’t let her get away with it. Jesus was so passive that he wouldn’t even flinch.

Anyway, I’m not sure how this got started but she’s always done it. I suppose we’ve not done a very good job of discouraging it because we’d just laugh it off so now, even at the ripe old age of 48 (technically she’s 48 because she’s 8 years old), she still does it.

I’d been reading up on this behavior and it seems like the main reason she does it is probably boredom. Brian and I are both at work all day. And, though Brian does a good job of coming home for lunch to let Molly out, I’m not sure that we give her as much exercise and attention as she needs.

I’m going to see if walking her and playing with her more will curb the habit but I’m thinking that it’s probably too late to change her behavior at this point. I mean, she’s pretty much an old lady. Oh, well.

BTW, here are some more adorable pictures of Molly:


Brian and Molly, sleeping.


She’s always napping, even in broad daylight.

She can sleep even in the most awkward of positions.

See what I mean?


Bunny ears!

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