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Officially a Member of the 200 Club

Posted on July 16, 2014 by under Games.    


I finally bowled my first 200 game on league night. Brian did it a few weeks ago when he bowled a 204. I kept telling him that I’m capable of bowling a 200 game also, but I’d never been able to prove it until last Sunday. I’ll usually start out really well but then I choke halfway through so I never quite make it to 200. I’m so glad it finally happened.

Brian said he believed that I could bowl a 200 game though he’d never seen me do it. However, I still felt like I needed to prove myself. I bowled a 208, 4 pins higher than his highest game ever. I just had to prove my bowling prowess. LOL.


I wish that I would have bowled better on my first two games because I only bowled a 499 series. I really wanted to break 500. That’s going to be my next goal.

Either way, I’m excited for league night this Sunday. I’m hoping to see my name in weekly stats sheet. Oowa! Oowa!

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