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All Star Adventures

Posted on July 14, 2014 by under Events.    

Big Brothers Big Sisters hosted a friends and family event last week at All Star Adventures. The cost was $7 per person for all you can play — go karts, carnival rides, and mini golf. Brian and I hadn’t been there in ages so we couldn’t pass up the deal even though it was a work night. Lucky for us, the event fell on a Thursday so I didn’t have to teach Zumba. We wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise.

I’m glad we got to go because we had a blast playing with Faith and her kids, Becca, Jay, Addison, and my little sister Kira.


Addy and Kira got along fabulously.


I think Jay had more fun than the kids. LOL.


Here’s a cute one of Addy.


This is my favorite pic of me and Kira. Don’t let that angelic smile fool you. This child is a dare devil. She wanted to do all of the really crazy rides. After we rode the go karts (I had to ride with her because she wasn’t tall enough to drive herself), we did her favorite carnival rides. After the second one, I had to start looking for rides that she could do by herself because I couldn’t take anymore. I seriously felt like throwing up my dinner if I rode another dizzying ride.

She said this was her favorite because it scared me the most and made me scream a lot. Though she told me later that if another ride scared me more, that would have been her favorite instead. Can you believe such an angelic child could be so mischievous?


This a photo of Kira that I took when we rode bumper boats together. She tried to make me dizzy in the bumper boats too. LOL.

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