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Project RunAway

Posted on April 19, 2014 by under Events.    


Brian and I had a great time at Project RunAway last night. It’s a fundraising event for Wichita State University’s Shift Space, an off-campus student gallery for WSU’s School of Art & Design. The event was held at McKnight Art Center, a building that Brian is quite familiar with since he had several classes there when he was attending WSU.

We’re always up for doing something different on the weekends. This was definitely something different. LOL.


Aaron, aka Cutter J the Absurdist, was the emcee of the event. He did a fantastic job! DJ Carbon provided the music for most of the evening and was equally awesome. As I was watching DJ Carbon from where I was sitting, I told Brian that I thought I knew the DJ. I texted my sister and asked her if DJ Carbon is James. She confirmed it. I knew DJ Carbon before his DJ Carbon persona, when he was still James. It’s been over 15 years. Crazy how time flies. I’ll have to catch him at his next event so we can get reacquainted and so I can introduce Brian.

The fashion show was interesting. Neither Brian nor I had ever attended a wearable art fashion show before. It was definitely an experience. There are some amazingly creative people in Wichita to be sure. There are also some really strange people. LOL.

There were a performances in between categories. One was a drag performance by Divinity Masters. The jokes were definitely not appropriate for general audiences but didn’t bother me. They were quite offensive to some people, though. Brian said that there were two ladies behind us who were complaining that there should have been a warning on the tickets. If you’ve never been to one of these types of events, I guess you wouldn’t really know what to expect. However, you just have to be open minded because creative, artsy people tend to push the envelope. I thought Brian enjoyed the drag performance. He laughed at many of the jokes.

Everything was great until peanut butter and jelly and pieces of bread started splashing everywhere. That was gross. I liked the idea and it was fun to watch but I would have rather not been in the audience for that part of the show.

We had a good time overall. It’s always great to see Reby and Aaron, and watching Cutter J perform (even when he’s just emceeing) is always a treat. He’s definitely a performer, always animated and dramatic. You can check out his opening monologue below. Aaron is just one of those guys who’s entertaining no matter what he is doing.

I recommend attending the next Project RunAway if you’ve never been. It’s something that everyone should experience at least once. I’m not sure that Brian is inclined to attend again next year. I guess it will depend on if we know anyone who is performing or who’s part of the show. If we do go back, I’d spring for the VIP section. That way you don’t get food splashed on you in case someone decides to incorporate food in their fashion show entry.

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