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Brian’s First Time at Hibachi Boy

Posted on April 13, 2014 by under Food and Drink.    

Brian had never been to Hibachi Boy so I took him there on Thursday night while we were in Derby to check out some jeans that Jenni no longer wanted. The story about the jeans is that some of them were actually mine originally. When I gained weight and got bigger, I gave them to Jenni who has always been a smaller size than me even at heaviest. She had a dozen jeans for me to look through and I ended up taking home three of them. There was only one that I’d never seen before so two of them actually came from me and I was finally getting them back after all these years.

The jeans were all low waisted, which is not really my style anymore. I prefer higher waisted jeans. Brian calls them mom jeans. They are not truly high waist jeans but jeans that hit at your natural waistline rather than well below your navel. I like them because they hold my gut in better. The low waisted jeans tend to make me bulge at all the wrong places. Maybe I’m an old lady now. I accept it. LOL.

Anyway, I told Brian that I didn’t really want the those three jeans back. They weren’t my style anymore. Mostly I just took them back to prove a point: that I could fit in them again. Yes. Everyone needs some validation every once in a while. Even me.

So that was the primary reason that we found ourselves in Derby the other day. We hit Hibachi Boy on the way home because Brian had never been there and I figured I would take him to try it. Here are some pictures of our dinner.


We started with the appetizer sample which is supposed to be two fried dumplings, two spring rolls, two crab rangoon, and two chicken wings. They were out of wings though so they just gave us three of everything, which was fine. Although I’m wondering if the wings were really good. They must have been for them to run out of them that early in the evening.

The spring rolls are not really great. Some people probably think they are, but we are spoiled because we are used to lumpia. Any kind of spring roll just pales in comparison.

The fried dumplings were decent. They’re as good as the fried dumplings that you would get at any other place. What Hibachi Boy really did great on this platter was the crab rangoon. The filling had nice creamy consistency and was the just right hint of sweetness. Next time I’d probably skip the sampler platter and just go for an order of the crab rangoon.


Brian had the hibachi chicken and I had the hibachi shrimp. I thought it was pretty good. Brian thought it was just okay. But then he doesn’t really enjoy eating out these days so nothing is ever as good as just eating at home.


What I like about Hibachi Boy is that they give you a little bit of everything. You get both noodles and rice. At other places you have to choose one or the other. You get some vegetables. Not a lot. And you also get bean sprouts. So you get everything that you would get at hibachi restaurants.

Hibachi Boy on Urbanspoon

The best part about Hibachi Boy is the price. It’s hibachi food at half the price. Then again, it’s more of a fast food setting rather than a nice sit down restaurant setting and the chefs aren’t performing for you but if you really don’t care to have that experience and just want the food just go here. You can even get it to go.

Brian may disagree with me on this one but I really like Hibachi Boy. If I have to eat out anyway and I’m in Derby, I’d probably pick Hibachi Boy. Go check it out if you haven’t already. Hibachi food at half the price. That’s all I got to say.

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