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Fun Times With Friends

Posted on March 20, 2014 by under Life.    



We had such a blast at Oeno last Friday. We’d never been there for salsa night before. It doesn’t get as packed as Suede use to be, but I actually prefer it that way. Now that I know what it’s like, I’m actually thinking of putting salsa night back into our regular Friday night rotation.

It was a little rough this past weekend though because Friday night is our Bond night. When we got home at midnight we put on Live and Let Die just to stay on track of our goal to watch all the James Bond movies this year from oldest to newest. Brian said I passed out not long after the movie started but he was up until two in the morning.

I’m not sure what time I fell asleep but I might as well have stayed up with him because it felt like it the next day. Teaching Zumba at 9:30 AM that Saturday morning was no easy feat. LOL.


Speaking of Zumba, two of the ladies in my Zumba class got me a plant in honor of my last day of teaching at Evergreen Recreation Center. Since I’m no longer able to attend Señor Alvarez’ Spanish class I figured that it was finally time to give up teaching at Evergreen. It was great when I was able to take Spanish classes for free but, since it wasn’t working out with my schedule, it was actually costing me more to teach there than I was making. Not that I teach Zumba to make money but, now that I’m teaching for the YMCA, I can satisfy my need to share my passion for Zumba without having to drive clear across town.

This is actually great news for Brian because then I don’t have to be somewhere until 11 AM on Saturday mornings, the only day of the week that we can sleep in. Although, sleeping in probably isn’t in the cards for us because any time I find a gap in schedule I somehow find a way to fill it with something.


We spent Saturday night playing poker at Rune’s.


Brian ended up taking the tournament down (April placed third and Cory placed second), which is ironic considering Mama Dill actually knocked him out early in the game. Thank God for re-buys!


We had no idea that we were celebrating Cory’s birthday that night also so we weren’t prepared with our birthday gift. It worked out for the best though because delivering his present gave us a good excuse to see Cory in person on his actual birthday (he’s a St. Pat’s Day baby). Happy birthday, Cory!

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