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Brian’s Work Christmas Party

Posted on December 11, 2013 by under Events.    

We had a lot of fun at Brian’s work Christmas party last weekend. They have an annual get together at his boss’ boss’ boss’ house in Rose Hill. We’d never been able to attend until now because they always have the party the same night as our Employees’ Association holiday party at work. This year the parties are on separate weekends so we were finally able to attend.


We had such a blast!


Some of the funniest white elephant gifts were the Accounting for Dummies book, the toilet seat (thankfully not a used one), and plunger.


I have no idea how Brian picked the plunger out of all the gifts that were left. I don’t think he was paying close attention because he picked a gift wrapped in the same wrapping paper as the toilet seat. I would have totally stayed away from that one. LOL.


Brian and I were more sneaky, though. Instead of bring two gag gifts or two serious gifts, we brought one each. Our serious gift was a glass bathroom scale and our gag gift was a Bra Maid, which Brian’s boss’ boss’ boss’ eldest son Jonathan ended up with. That was hilarious.



Brian didn’t end up coming home with the plunger gift, though. He ended up stealing the Indulge Cafe Style Hot Chocolate Kit from someone else. It’s actually pretty awesome. I know because I’ve used it already.

I had stolen a candle warmer kit but it was promptly stolen from me so I ended up coming home with a vibrating massager thing. It’s okay. Not a substitute for Michael at Sveta’s, though. Speaking of, we are about due for another couple’s massage!

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