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Brian Earns Bonus Points

Posted on December 8, 2013 by under Relationship.    

Sierra did my makeup at Beau Monde the other day. I’m not sure if Brian got an “after” picture, but this is what I looked like before she did her magic.


I wish I had an “after” picture to show you guys because she did such an amazing job. It’s a lot like getting your hair done at the salon. The professionals always make you look so much better. I think so anyways so I asked Brian, “Would you like it if I learned how to do my makeup and looked like this all the time?” It’s a valid question because I rarely ever do my makeup. I’m just not any good at it.

Brian really surprised me with his response. He said he preferred me the way I am without all the makeup. He’s like, “Makeup done right always enhances the way that someone looks so of course most women look better with makeup and many women need makeup to look good. However, there are women who can get by without makeup because they’re naturally beautiful. You’re one of those people.”

That was really sweet. And, he definitely earned some bonus points that day. Although, no matter what he says, I still prefer the way I look with makeup. I’m going to take makeup application lessons one of these days. LOL.

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