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The Bigger, Blacker Box

Posted on November 19, 2013 by under Games.    


My box expansion for Cards Against Humanity arrived yesterday. Complete with foam blocks and other surprises.


There’s a bonus card hidden inside the lid.


I think that is the best part really. It only came with 20 new cards and they’re not as good as the cards from the original game and the first three expansions. I mean, they’re about boxes. Blech. However, the web site advertises that I can use the big box as a bludgeon. So that’s something. Though I haven’t tried it — yet.


Speaking of games, Brian and I learned a new game yesterday. It’s called Nertz. It’s the party game of choice at Brian’s work Christmas party, which we’ve missed for the last couple of years because it always falls on the same night as my work Christmas party and we always end up going to mine. This year we are fortunate that the two Christmas parties are on separate weekends so we can finally attend. Anyway, we just learned about the game yesterday so we’ve been practicing. We’re not very competitive. Can you tell?

Oh, Brian wanted me to point out that he won every single round we played tonight. I think it’s his Brian pills. He has an unfair advantage. Lucky for me, we’re playing on the same team come the night of the Christmas party. We’re taking this baby down!

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