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Dining at Bonefish is Always an Experience

Posted on October 23, 2013 by under Food and Drink.

It’s always a challenge to eat healthy during my birthday month because random restaurants send me coupons for stuff. And you know me. I just can’t resist. Though, over the last few years, I have gotten a bit more picky. I never pass up a chance to eat at Bonefish, though. Specially when they give me FREE bang bang shrimp.

Bonefish Grill on Urbanspoon

Anymore if it’s just Brian and me then we just opt to eat in the bar area so we don’t have to make reservations and we don’t have to wait. Plus, we always seem to meet really cool people.

One time we were there we met Patty Armstrong who is in the Board of Directors of the Junior League of Wichita and her husband. I guess they are regulars because all the staff seemed to know them and the manager was really chummy with them. They were super nice and we had great dinner conversation, for a bunch of strangers.

It was really tough to get a seat at the bar on Saturday night, though. It was super packed. Brian and I were there later than usual too. We are a couple of old farts and prefer to go at five-ish. Anyway, we had to wait forever for an opening at one of the community tables. It made me think of Winston in one of the episodes of New Girl. The one where he saves all the seats by being all weird and trying to drive all the other diners away. It was just me and Brian so we didn’t have to do that, but if we were expecting others to join us and we didn’t have a reservation (not likely because Brian and I are anal and would always have reservations if we’re dining with a group of people but anyway) we agreed that we’d probably do the same thing. It made me laugh in my head. Sometimes I just do that. I think of something and it makes me laugh, but then I actually outwardly laugh and then other people are like, “What’s so funny?” but then you can’t explain it because it all happened in your head.

Anyway, this last time we didn’t really meet-meet people. There was another couple already at the table. I think they just gave up on waiting for their table and decided to eat dinner at the community table instead, but I could tell that probably isn’t something they normally do. Halfway through their meal their pager buzzed. I mean Brian and I purposefully choose to dine at the community table. Theirs was more accidental. We didn’t really get to visit with them much.

There was a young couple who sat across from us briefly. They seemed to be on a first date. I’m thinking they met on a dating web site. I don’t normally eavesdrop on people’s conversations, but I couldn’t help it. They were sitting across from me. Anyway, they left as soon as their table became available.

After they left another couple took their place. It was an old guy probably in his 50s. He wasn’t bad looking but definitely old. His date was a young girl about mid-twenties. Brian thought they were father and daughter at first but as soon as they started conversing with one another he caught on that they were on a date. Brian thought it was weird. I think he must have been putting out some kind of vibe because they ended up moving to the bar, or as far away from us as possible. Maybe our PDAs weren’t helping. Just kidding.

When they left I told Brian that I could tell they were on a date right off the bat just from how they looked and through their body language. And, I’m more open-minded when it comes to age differences. I don’t think it’s weird when people 20 years apart date. After about 25 everyone is pretty much the same age in my book. Plus, it’s one thing if you look ancient but I’ve seen some really hot-looking old dudes. Then again, my concept of hot is not the same as other women. For instance, Kevin Spacey in House of Cards is hot to me but other women will probably disagree.

Brian is turning 40 next year and I told him that he’s actually more attractive to me now than he ever has been. He looks better than he ever has physically but, aside from that, his salt and pepper hair is just plain sexy. I told him that I’d probably find him less attractive if he died his hair and actually looked younger. If he dressed in a nice business suit everyday, I probably wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Fortunately, he dresses like a slob (just kidding, but very casual nonetheless) most days so I can at least function and not act like a googly-eyed girl, daydreaming all day. If were in my twenties and met him as he is now, I would totally date him and I would feel the least bit oogie about it. I’d actually be all over it. Seriously. If I were single, I’d actually prefer dating older men to guys my age.

But I digress… Besides the great food, the dining experience at Bonefish is always interesting. Specially if you opt to eat in the bar area. Until next time!

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